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I'm The Only One Aliens Won't Kill

Sean Gatchell (March 2014) - Funny, I imagine it being so hard for people to keep up with all this rapid change in worldview. The cabal really had to cram all this stuff in last-moment, didn't they. They're entirely dependent on you.

Donald Marshall - I'm the only one alienz wont kill. only one in the whole world...well thats at cloning that knows.

Katherine A Blanchflower - I would think they would like to drink your blood for power..they are afraid of you?

Donald Marshall - Yep, they're kinda scared of me, aliens think I have some kind of link to the creator of the Universe. Humans at cloning support this notion to keep me alive long enough for me to raise the alarm. the cowards help with hinting and making reference movies lol Puttin my name on stuff.


  1. Don, YOU DO have a link to the creator of the universe, you agreed to do this before you incarnated to document and expose them, your mission is complete brother you do not have to be activated into a clone when you sleep anymore if you would reconnect with the creator, I believe that this is how you can draw them out and make them play their final card, if they cannot activate you they will seriously shit themselves as you know, i've been tweeting you and emailed you but had no response, you can get me on my youtube channel my name is kevin read, finish this Don by going full circle, all you gotta do is raise your energy with meditation etc, YOU THE MAN !!

  2. a number of people are linked to the creator. And they all know who they are eventually and some of us incarnated soul of Jesus himself. And some of us are straight angels. Born an angel and chose to live as human to save humanity. These things will benefited and so will the devil whose real name is actually chronic not luckier and all of cloned Hollywood and the original ppl will have major psyche treatment those who are still original and we won't be making Hollywood movies anymore but independent films for free public viewing for being an actor n actress is really not a job at all..its entertainment and us leaders of the coming new world will see it as that and money in its conversion from paper to gold to something else won't be needed to support that kid d of welfare hobby. We will be in a no provident land where all nations are governed by 7 specific people and ten on a democratic level. We will trade commodities we will not kill animals to stuff our faces and major cities will no longer exist. Now if there are any celebrities who are original reading this..I can save your soul and change your life. Those who are not well your going to die. And that's the truth and then some. Thank you. I hold the truth to all knowledge of the universe. And I AM in Presence.

  3. Kevin is right, that is your mission. Also I can not get in touch with you then I beuacoup things to tell you. One day ask you if you were doing this for nothing. No, in any case, you have a place in heaven is already mentioned, and the highest seats as largest Marthyr, and that's why they can not kill you because they do not own to do so, only the anti-Christ could, but even so, you will have the satisfaction and the highest gratification of God himself, and he will know all the people of the earth. This is why none order to do so. We are all very grateful to you truths you have revealed and all the work you do to communicate everywhere, in all identities. You have the highest regard, here on earth and the heavens. God is the One, the Lord of the universe, it was not created and did not cause either. It is far more than all we can associate him. The truth that you have unveiled us all released us. The gratitude of the world is on you, and the salvation and peace.

  4. GOD IS IN CONTROL AND ALWAYS TAKES NEEDED CARE OF HIS TRUE CHILDREN - while He also is caring of the becoming born-again-n-spirit christians. Some true christians hava a martyre mission. God bless every one who needs.


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