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David Wilcock: Blue Avians/Draconians

Secret blockade of our solar system by "Blue Avians"

Donald Marshall - Listen to this, 7 minutes of recent David Wilcock. Nearly all factual. Says no one is going to want to listen to the likes of Lady Gaga or Katie Perry soon. LOL!!! Very true. David Wilcock is at cloning frequently, has been for a long time. We've met and spoken there several times. He's leaving a bit out though. :)

Simone Miller - What has he left out don? Interesting

Donald Marshall - That the birds bodysnatch too and are mean as well. About rem cloning, parasite hosts and lots.


  1. Awe my comment is gone . The one about him indeed looking like a crossdresser

  2. Here is one article about Blue Avians etc;

  3. I mean it seems to be a bit different than normal articles, some psychics are concerned about Goode. And Wilcock gets sometimes into believing everything. If he is in Cloning center does he remember things? Or may be he doesn't yet want to expose it, as it would bring him into too negative light, and then nobody would take him seriously, so may be he thinks he can do better disclosure in other ways. Just guessing.


  5. I listened for the first time today Donald Marshall and his "experiences" at the cloning center. I found his information interesting, but when he added that Alex Jones, George Noory, David Wilcock, and Vladimir Putin being at these cloning centers, I knew this guy is making some of his info up. He refers to these people as if he knows them on a personal basis, remembering David Wilcock saying; "We all will win in the end". C'mon you all should know that the US Elite are trying to corner Putin by moving Nato to his doorstep. Why would Putin be cozing up with the US elites? Donald was indoctrined into the Milab and illuminati since childhood, do you really think they will let him come out with all his info and still live? I'm not hating on you all, but don't follow this guy in blind faith.

    1. You obviously have not read enough into Dons story .


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