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Most Important Time Of Your Lives

Donald Marshall (Fri. June 15, 2012) - THIS IS the most important time of your lives, a critical turning point in human history, you must read all relevant posts in here including older posts, the most important and interesting information you will ever see,... no one else is going to tell you about Vrill but me. If you disregard these facts you doom the human race to becoming drones and allowing people to continue to sacrifice children and adults to these "demons" It is absolutely crucial to the survival of our species tbat these things be eradicated from our planet. Copy all pertinent facts and keep them for posterity show others, the only thing that will stop this is getting this information to the populace... I have no agenda but to share the truth with the world as Im going to die from heart failure due to heart failure from clone torture. Read all of my posts especially older posts and all corroberating info. This will be your only chance to save our race and world from Vrill.


  1. Slt Don. Thank you for what you are doing and the transmission of all these things, which God protects you and which you are happy and protected all the time. I knew before discovering your site that they make some cloning. What do you want to say with the word "drone"? And for the traffic of body, yes we pass on(transmit) the information in France in the forums. I do not think that you are an alien. I believe that they persuade you. Can be simply a kidnapped child? At any rate, we love you for the courage which you have. VIC

  2. Thank you Don. We need to form a group for you and stand by you.
    Keep your chin up. We are with you.

  3. I don't want your heart to fail you it can't.Donald I am not a religious person and anyone that gets tortured @ the cloning center does not appear to be religious either,that is so understandable. You cry for God to help and he does not,keep crying and pray even if you don't want to. My mom always used to say that.I'd be like I just don't feel like it and she say pray anyway so I used to do little prayers - God protect me and my family,amen. Oh but today oh man I am having long prayers to God.
    You may not like it but all you Donnies are getting a prayer from me.


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