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Donald Marshall On Megadeth's "The World Needs A Hero" Album Cover

Astral Light - The person on Megadeth’s “The World Needs A Hero” album cover is Donald Marshall. It's a painting of Donald Marshall's clone at the cloning centers. It’s an example of what Donald Marshall looks-like after being clone tortured/killed at the cloning centers.

The picture on the left is Donald Marshall (real body) and the picture on the right is a painting of Donald Marshall (clone body). 

Donald Marshall wanted Dave Mustaine/Megadeth to put him on the cover because he wanted to use it as a reference in the future, if the Illuminati ever decided to release his clone memories (which they did at age 30).

Donald Marshall On Megadeth's "The World Needs A Hero" Album Cover (Extended Ver.)


  1. Hello norberto.

    Like most people, I'm just as fascinated by donalds story. I hope for someone to relay the following to him because I believe these questions have never been asked and Donald has never elaborated. I'll post what posted in the forum about him below:

    Hello you guys.

    Celine or somebody, please relay this to Donald. I dont believe this has ever been asked or mentioned before. (If so then it wasn't directly answered, but possibly explained broken up over various postings over the last few years)

    Donald, I've read that you said with each clone of a person they get a little dumber or disoriented. Was this true in your case? For instance, you have said you were killed many, many times as a clone. And you've said you made a lot of music, had influence on many entertainment throughout the world, etc. How were you able to have so much brilliant influence if you had been cloned so many times, essentially dumbed down each time?

    Or, were you yourself when you were being used for your ideas? If so, were you aware in real life/real time that you were doing all of this or was your memory repressed after your contributions?

    I dont believe this has ever been clarified nor asked before. If so then my apologies as I am just trying to understand the difference between a fully functional clone of a person and a person who's been clones/tortured many times over. It seems as though either your real consciousness in the real body or all of your clones would be rendered useless, but you've said you have essentially created most of worldwide mainstream success for people, so I want to understand.

    Sorry for the long winded questions.

    Read more:

    1. No, he is the original human, not a clone

  2. Many times, he was drugged even. All his recent interaction wouldn't be disclosed to his memory yet. Like self/less, the elite prefer to upload into stolen bodies, because clones aren't good, even the high grade ones, compared to regular surface bodies. That's what I think.

  3. AnonymousMay 18, 2016

    Damn how can I help

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2016

    Mustaine and maiden are pure trash and their musical ability is abhorrent. I've had students who play better than both of em after 1 year of lessons. Alex Jones is Cia and is dangerous because he gives enough truth to confuse those not familiar.......I'll help you Donald....Nothing would complete my life like seeing these bastards thrown in the lake of fire were they most certainly belong.

    1. Whaaaaaat?!?!
      Maiden and Mustaine created metal!
      And their musical talent and ability is absolutely undeniable.
      Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they lack talent, DUH!!!!
      I hate the music of Michael Jackson but I'd be even MORE STUPID than YOU if I said his work was pure trash. 'Cause it isn't.

  5. I miss Don and Phil Chuppa,I wonder what they think of the west world re-boot..


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