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Grendel - Timewave Zero

Donald Marshall - this is a representation of me, made this song, Im not a junkie, the band included all the tech drug use, Jesus references and stuff... at 4:35 it shows me have an aneurysm and being reanimated as an undead chiphead clone... at the end it shows me with a mechanical heart as mine is nearly done... gotta stop them or Im doomed.

So many hints included in this song and video... check out Don's heart at the end of the video.

at 4:35 of this video it shows how the Illuminati (or Cabal) want to cause me to die and be re-animated into an undead existence in a superclone... immortal stronger, but with the side effects... I dread this happening to me, I gotta get them shut down.

that's what that timewave zero song is about,... band is "Grendel" fighting through seven timewaves of badness, they COULD have just killed me, but I detailed why they don't want in older posts

when they get to timewave zero,... they have to go with whatever happens if it still happens and they can't prevent it,.. confusing I know, it involves tech concerning those proton colliders... hadron collider. Project Pegasus does a couple things, I don't even know all it does, they wouldn't tell me.

theres a thing...I do with visuals to assist me in making songs there sometimes...its crazy, They put it in a video, the type of stuff I visualize sometimes...makes it easier. The song "Timewave Zero" by Grendel.

you can make graphs and equalizers in visuals and move stuff, its really amazing... I'll pop vid... it shows me poppin a chip on my tongue, like a brain chip n doin mk... 'll get it.

MANY references in this vid. more than most...Russian band. at 1:50, mk chip goes in...

Tracie Eden Mcenroe - so they can replicate a video of say your argh want for a better word that what you made through your mind/

Donald Marshall - yep, I helped make this. listen to the background voices.... tells ya... fully formed cyber beings. at 4:38 it shows how the illuminati want me to agree to have an aneurysm and get re-animated after death in a super clone body, top of the line, big strong and with beneficial implants... no thank you

has bodysnatching in it, has groundhog day mini reference in it, then at the end, shows that I'll need an artificial heart, but then the apocalypse happens anyway...

They did it to me many times when I exposed vrill,... Put it back and tortured me bad that night, sayin dont do it again,... Id just do it again,... Then they'd collide protons again, that night do it again dont do it,... I just did it again.... Until timewave zero when they HAVE to go with what happens or black hole... They made a song about it, about me fighting through the timewaves, (groundhog days) You don't know the ordeal Ive gone through to expose this stuff... 

They all thought it was incredible how I would just keep going next day,... But they only usually risk the day do over like 8 times... But it was bad... And it messes up peoples clocks all over the world,... Forward or back a minute for almost all clocks... I dunno why. Proton colliders do other stuff too but I only know about the groundhog day thing. The Grendel video has all kinds of references to me and the apocalypse... References to how they think I'm new age jesus and all... Mk ultra mental visualizations, chips in the head all kindsa stuff... And at the end it shows how I'm going to need a new heart if I survive... Watch it, I made the song too while there as a clone. At 4:36 it shows how they want me to die and be reanimated as a dead consciousness clone.  

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