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Worst Thing I Ever Seen...

Donald Marshall - worst thing I have ever seen is a vrill type 1 droning a child. or feeding on one, but I think the droning is actually worse. its what the victim says and does after the thing is in the eye and foams's horrific. kill em all.


  1. For humanity !

  2. reptoid reptile reptilianoid tyrant gizzards need eye exams. killing vrill is real deal

  3. Oh that's so horrible I knew something was going on but to hear it from Donny makes it real for me.My son has had some sort of encounters... he made me aware of the Illuminati and cloning years ago but it was hard for me to understand and believe him because he was diagnosed as being schizophrenic when he was 15.
    I can't stop thinking of this evil.It's been a week since Donny came to my attention by chance on YouTube - he looked like my son...that same empty, sad look of hurt and pain in their eyes.I decided to watch the video and knew it was the truth immediately.
    You and all those helping you are so brave.
    Thank you Donny.


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