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Donald Trump

Donald Marshall (September 2015) - He's been at cloning since I was a kid. Claimed credit for a few ideas of mine. Like that munchie baby product. Said he invented it himself. Lol. He is down with the illuminati. Knows about it everything.


Donald Marshall (Thur. September 11, 2014) - Trivial... But I invented the "Munskin". It's a pacifier with a mesh nipple that you put peaches in n stuff Popsicles this n that. No choking hazard to baby. Donald Trump says he thought this up and invented this .

These are a permanent baby product thing now... They are making millions and will continue to. They owe me a lot of money though.

He [Donald Trump] claimed to have come up with this I came up with it at cloning. He claimed it Donald Trump wants me dead too. Not gonna die though. In the end people will destroy him for me. I won't even have to ask. Guy sold out America for a profit. He literally said ok I won't tell about vrill hosts or cloning I'll do business with you. I can't wait to see what people actually do in the end. When all is known globally. XD!!! It's a burning offence what they have done. I say again it is a BURNING offence that they have done It's why they're so scared to disclose. They think they will be tortured by an angry mob lol. And rightly so.

Andrea Rose Glass - Is there an adult version?

Donald Marshall - Unknown. Probably. You should see babies now down on these things. Was originally called the munchies because of this. Munchy. Renamed Munchkin. I made a lotta shit


Donald Marshall (Mon. July 20, 2015) - He's at cloning. He's a rotten bastard.


Carl Weiss (September 2015) - 

Donald Marshall - Yep


Cory Miller (Mon. October 31, 2016) - So what did Trump do to you at the "centre"?

Laurence Mountford - stole his idea for a product for babies that he made millions off

Cory Miller - I'll buy it

Laurence Mountford - and give your money to trump? Steal it instead

Donald Marshall - Not just that.

Cory Miller - What else Donny boy...I'm dying to know.

Donald Marshall - He shot me in the stomach with a handgun there a little over a year ago. It hurt bad. He was clone then, I was clone too but it hurt bad and I remember it vividly.

Cory Miller - Did Killary watch?

Donald Marshall - They all watched.

Cory Miller - Was Gary Johnson there as well?

Donald Marshall - Met him only once a couple months ago.


  1. thats messed up

    1. It's already too late we are ALL going to die. The only way to end all this, is to end all EVIL every seed of it and that means Revelations unfolding and there is ONLY one Savior Christ Jesus, there is only ONE God above all and He is coming. March 9 2021 Authority for all EVIL on this earth will END so until then get to know Christ, not the FALSE one but there is only one REAL Son of God who come in the FLESH and died for our SINS, he was begotten NOT made and RESURRECTED from the dead.If you truly desire to know Him research and never give up on TRUTH.

  2. Hillary is hiring hate groups to try and ruin trump. She wants to start a new world order and this is what america will look like

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2016

    Wtf is wrong with these people!? Oh I know there NOT people, there satanic, demonic, devil worshiping child rapeing, blood drinking sad, perfectic low as low, picese of shit scum. Sickening!!'

    1. They are not people!.........they are droned!
      Thats what mimics do! Sick little fuckers that need to be exterminated!

  4. My golly banana! It seems every famous person who walks on earth has already been cloned! Who else will be left untouched by this phenomenon?

  5. My golly banana! It seems every famous person who walks on earth has already been cloned! Who else will be left untouched by this phenomenon?

  6. Nos engañaron otra vez los MASS MEDIA , Trump siempre punteo en las encuestas sus encuestas asi se lo decian por eso el hablaba de robo de la eleccion, el ESTABLISMENT ya tenia su presidenta: CLINTON, pero el pueblo pensó otra cosa PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!
    God Bless AMERICA!!!!!

  7. Game of Clones !


  8. Norberto and Donald I hope you are both as well as can be under the circumstances,it's been an eventful week. I'm sitting here in a funk,I'm sad,mad,confused and worried oh and frightened - I'm sure I could add more to my I am not suicidal(I put I am not suicidal for my safe keeping *wink*...yeah right, safe).

    PizzaGate....hurrah! for the exposure - but now what? I mean my own daughter doesn't believe PizzaGate is true. It hurts me that her eyes are closed so tightly but what can you do?

    My neighbor thinks I'm nutZ - whah whah ..he's a little wuss anyhow.

    I've known about the Illuminati and Liz eating children and about cloning ... not as much as I know now thanks to Donald's bravery,my son had told a little about it years ago.

    No doubt it was hard to take in and I was scared for my son,and than I come across Donald Marshall,well it has blown my mind.

    OK I'm starting to feel much better (cough cough). Colorado - love it or leave one is leaving - shoot, everyone is moving here :-).

    Anyhow Donald guess what? They jacked your munchkin products up so, uh, I don't about that money they owe you lol.
    I am leaving a link to the recall on Munchkin pacifiers and I believe they put out another product that was full of toxins. They also have/had a deal on baby pictures urging mothers to send photos in - details in article. I will send the links I have handy now.

    Munchkins baby pacifiers, clips set recalled for possible choking hazard

  9. Oh man I got the wrong product,the mesh feeder is OK.So maybe there is some cash in reserve with your name on it after all.
    OK so here is the toxic product link and the photo contest link.

    Every Baby Can Be a Model

    Parents hope brands choose their Instagram baby pictures to market products.

    Munchkin looks to re-share photos that are colorful, relatable, and emotional.“That ‘aww’ moment is so important,”says Karla Ortiz, senior manager of digital engagement. The brand is also working to get more pictures of less photogenic products.
    The inflatable duck bathtub has plenty of submissions; the company’s diaper pails have far fewer.

    Target, Walmart, Babies-R-Us Sued Over Toxic Baby. Munchkin is on the list.

  10. I'm back again.Fist off Donald my apologies about the recall as it turns out your product..the mesh feeder is pretty awesome.
    Check this out - the artist of Munchkin game cards...for children, is the same guy that did the Illuminati pizza card - Laurence wondered who it might be,his name is John Kovalic.

  11. Awe shit . I just KNEW I couldn't trust Trump.What the hell do we do now that he is president?!

    1. Hillary Clinton is NOT a better choice pay attention.


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