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Draco Portal

Amazing UFO opening Stargate Portal in the Sky (Norwegian Spiral Anomaly)

Prometheus Dior - Donald What is this? Do you know?

Donald Marshall - A gate supposedly.

Velma Lewis - where to?

Donald Marshall - Supposedly the draconian home world... I don't know for certain. That's just what they've told me.

Billy Sweeney - What are they though? These spirals, what are they?

Donald Marshall - Bends space bringing 2 points in the galaxy closer together for a few minutes.

Paul Cartwright - What was the intention? Why did they do it? I mean clearly they did it. Why?

Donald Marshall - To bring more draconians here.

Paul Cartwright - Ahh. Ok that makes sense. interdimensional shit

Donald Marshall - Nope. Same dimension.

Paul Cartwright - we ought to show them some magick. really hows that work?

Donald Marshall - I dunno.


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