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Draconian's & Nephilim

Donald Marshall - nephelim are trying to show off and compliment me...draconians are doing the same they hate each other...shits weirder than ever i said i hate em both and wheres the fuckin AK!?!? nephelim and draconians dont get the chance to talk there much... because...merely the sight of them takes years off peoples lives just looking at them as rem clones temporarily... they want me to choose a side... I said neither... I'm human pro human...they said I'm savior...

they said I'm their savior too?!?!?!?!? theyre mad that I dont care about them they said they always thought since i was a kid that I'd find a way...there is no way they kill humans sometimes on impulse....they want to peacefully co-exist with humans...but they eat humans...they said they'd give that up but I just dont trust em. theyre acting nice theyre NOT NICE IT IS A DECEPTION AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! I offered isolation and quarantine underground. they accepted but they want humans to give them STUFF REGULARLY!!1 and they have humans down there...whiCH i actually demand be released even if theyre permanently retarded or something by now...I will not leave them there...I can't plug the holes and leave humans down there...aliens got abreeding program down there... body farm... can't have that...for some unknown reason... I have some authority with them...I AM NOT DOWN WITH THEM...they will surrender they have to stay in the dark... sun blinds em. theyre all built for underground. theyd have to be seen and known about...on tv and like real tv no greenscreen stuff. examine some dead ones. people will know they are fake pluggin holes n never see them...people will question that and i'm not wanting to be gonna have to see some ugly things... theyre gonna talk... people are gonna have heart attacks all over the world. just to see the horrifying things on tv and be shown their bodily parasitical takeover...thats gonna make people some mad.........

nephelim and draconians want me to like them they are fighting for my attention and insulting each other... trying to make me prefer one of them over the other...i am pro human. against suffering and cruelty... but these things are at the same rank as dogs and cats to me...just thiking of that last time there... with the things kissing and hugging me... i'm sweating ALL's so disturbing to see these things talk to you...youd think they couldnt talk... but then... we love you... why do you hate us Don? with nephelim and draconians around all the people in the stands are more scared and act crazier and more frantic... 

the nephelim and dracos are very real. they killed clones of me, allowed me to examine them... lol they were embarrassed to be naked.

Brook Doyle - is that interesting or does it make your stomach turn?

Donald Marshall - both they showed me their physical traits everything they will let me win. its weird. OH AND LET'S NOT FORGET, I have also as clones have had to talk to the Draconians... and I must admit, that messed me up too... they like me more than the Nephelim... and Draconians and Nephelim hate each other. they have natural biological functions to counter each other... like they were evolved to always hate each other...and even as scary looking as nephelim are... especially adult ones, able bodied... Draconians are 10 times scarier looking. they have fought they were both always there.

Hippie Lovegods - several factions within Draconians too ?

Donald Marshall - Most want me to have the say...Unsure, I think Draconians are united. nephelim too.


  1. Dracos have been described by others online as being the ultimate evil in the galaxy. Online videos I respect say that it is easier for Dracos (reptilians) to lie than it is for them to tell the truth. I agree with both of these statements.

    It was also written recently that the outer barrier was put in place specifically to keep Dracos on Earth for what is about to happen. There might be a Draco portal... but who knows what that is and how it works... or if it will work when the Dracos want out.

    We are about to enter a 1000 year golden age of Earth after the 23 degree polar shift that will increase our frequencies to the point that Dracos (and probably Nephilim) will not be able to live and will cease to exist. Demonic beings can not survive in the high frequenies we will live in.

    If we are receiving DNA upgrades as reported... we will change as we are holding back other beings from progressing up.

    All I know is what I have read online and my internet is altered. I am the last person on earth to figure anything out so take all of what I typed for what it is.

    If I understand what was said, all of our negative (demonic) entity attachement will be released or forced out due to increased frequency and we start all over. This is huge.

    Alex Rogan

  2. Half question and half joke for Donald Marshall - youtube videos have been talking about giant nephilim coming to the earths surface and attacking (I have no opinion if this is true or false and no information or any idea).

    Could this be linked to the southpark episode Pandemic where giant Hamsters in costumes came and attacked and Peruvian flute bands were needed to stop the attack. Did you have anything to do with this episode?

    Just a question. Am not trying to scare anyone or misinform.

  3. Okay. Some people don't know that aliens are actually demons lol.


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