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Kenya Noriee Robins (July 2013) - Don can you tell me about Drake ...the rap artist??

Donald Marshall - could...

Kenya Noriee Robins - Is he gay?? And like the rest of them?? Did you make any of his songs?

Donald Marshall - He is Bi-sexual His relationship with Rihanna was set up so he could gain fame


Donie (September 2014) - Wanted to know if you ever see drake at the cloning station? And what does he do there? Do you write any songs for him? Is in involved in the satanic rituals and sex stuff?

Donald Marshall - Saw drake all kinds named him made 90% of his songs.


Susan Hight (April 2015) - Another interesting one Don, thoughts on whats really going on here?

Donald Marshall - He's acting like he's above her. This monotone grade b rapper is lucky to even get attention from her. They're all making fun of her age now.

Drake is a f*g for hire at cloning. He's just as illuminati as she is.


Hippie Lovegods (Fri. November 14, 2014) - Quote:Why is Drake, who is Jewish, taking part in a video that is greatly inspired by Nazi Germany? >>> Donald Knows why ~ Nicki Minaj’s “Only” or How Rappers Give Tribute to Their Elite Overlords

Donald Marshall - You know why too.


Donald Marshall (July 2013) - Yep...

Nicki Minaj ft Drake - Moment 4 Life Lyrics


  1. He's ugly and his music is extremely disgusting and rude towards females. NO idea why anyone would like this disgusting pig.


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