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Drone World

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - Vrill love music...and pain causing and screams... I havent mentioned this part ,... they gave up theyre old God azazel from something called gerber religion.... and they worship me as a living God..... the handlers and mostly everyone else there think Im Jesus returned... since the scorpion lamb and letter of golden truth (nostradsamus prophecy). now like 95% say I am and the remaining 5% are hissed at by the others as sacriligious.... Im not... its only a metaphor... I want to assure you guys Im not going to try to claim to be him... it was also part of a decades old plan to make me make the world complacent while they continued to drone the world.... drones are very loyal slaves... they just like the opportunity to be humans,... they say the quality of life is better.... they become smarter.... like a really dumb guy... and theyre evil child molesters, half turn gay other half are bisexual,... as they dont care... theyre asexual... all same gender.... both male n female sex organs.... their asses double as vaginas.


  1. I have been surrounded for the majority of my life being tortured by vrills in human bodies I recently discovered. They even made a youtube video about it. dracos were there too and have kicked it into high gear. yup.

    it is my belief that a massive American underclass has been created with primarily vrill drones. Illuminati even imported 'illegal aliens' from mexico to expand the underclass and create more problems in times of public turmoil.

    Pun intended for 'illegal aliens'.

  2. No the poor in America are uneducated and chase after fickle reality TV lifestyles.


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