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Drowning Pool - Tearing Away

Drowning Pool - Tear Away 

Donald Marshall - the vrill had me make a song for them,... they wanted a "theme song" they wanted it evil sounding and to describe their motives and so I did... I'll pop up the vid, It's called (Tearing Away) by "Drowning pool" The lead singer is dead now, he was a drone. Notice in the beginning of the video where he creeps into your house using a tunnel from underground.

Notice the chorus,... the vrill love it,... says "I don't care about anyone else but meeee,... I don't care about anyone..." It is the vrill theme song,... references to droning too...getting inside you, becoming you...

Laurence Mountford - dang, but so do you think the new age movement stuff comes from them?

Donald Marshall - you guys should really see and hear that. The sound describes the vrill mindset. They still listen to this song over and over... like its a part of a religion to them.

Oh the vibrational stuff,.... they have a lot of tech that deal in frequencies and vibrations,... they say the universe runs on vibrations and frequencies and they say that to people and get them to join the vibrational frequency club and some treat it like a religion.

vrill drones are devoid of compassion for anything, they just do not have the capacity, they wanted that in that tearing away song [from the band drowning pool**].... Tearing away referring to shredding restrained people with the claws.. Real and clone... Um in the chorus they wanted. "Eyyyyye dont care about anyone else but meeee. Cuz eyyyyyye dont have the capacity." Then whisper "capacity"... But the record execs said make it not capacity... So same line...

Vrill wanted me to make an evil sounding song, like a theme song for them... I hated making it, Check out the guy in the beginning of the video crawling through underground tunnels and coming up into someones house, reference to vrill... and listen to the evil sounding chorus.

vrill love that song, especially the chorus, they never get tired of it.


Wanna hear the Vrill theme song they made me make? about vrill n hosts? they STILL love it,... dark song,... the chorus,... it's about how vrill and hosts only care for themselves and their cause,...

watch, dude crawls up from under yer house like a vrill through tunnels, walks among the public...

and the evil sounding chorus I didn't want to do,... it sounds like EMO and corny, but they wanted the song for "them" because that is their vrill mindset... they care about them... vrill n hosts.

kinda explain's Vrill psychology to a T.

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