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Edward Snowden

Donald Marshall (Mon. June 17, 2013) - Adam Kokesh, Illuminati agent,...[Edward] Snowden Illuminati agent part of the grand scheme. Russia will keep Snowden safe against evil America... don't fall for reverse psychology. This is not a well orchestrated plan, Unravel it.

Cotton Mouth - Proof, source?

Donald Marshall - met their clones. 

Cotton Mouth - DNA samples, photos? (I know, I'm a pain in the butt)

Donald Marshall - Didn't know snowden's name, but remembered his face when I saw a pic of him. Just be wary.

People in the know KNOW Kokesh is,... he was affiliated with now black ops in the past,... easily debunked there... but Snowden is Russian loyal and is down with them...

Cotton Mouth - Don't worry, I'm constantly wary, of every statement, by everybody. Skepticism is my way, question everything...

Donald Marshall - Obama is a fall guy, But don't worry Russia and China will help keep order in America during the confusion.

Cotton Mouth - When in doubt ask for evidence, if there is none forthcoming then beware potential bullshit.

Donald Marshall - As you should be Cotton Mouth.


Kat Kanning - I always thought Julian Assange was a fake. Why do they invent whistlebowers for their own stuff?

Donald Marshall - to make people hear half the story and cause them to be convinced the problem is quashed, the public is happy and the half the Illuminati doesn't want you to know is never revealed. Public satisfied.

no need to reveal all then,... the whistleblower is appreciated and respected as a hero. No one thinks the "whistleblower" is withholding anything else.

Melissa Kirst - Gezzzuz where are all the blackops, COINTELPRO, and all that good stuff for the US Constitution, Declaration and Bill of Rights ? There must be these type people somewhere that are on our side !!!!

Donald Marshall - theyre all scared of Vladamir and others.

Graeme Truther - Vlad, as in Putin?

Donald Marshall - people that try end up having aneurysm's or heart attacks.


Yep, theres only one Vlad I know lol One of the heads of the hydra.

Vince Marra - isnt there a rumor or sumthin abt the chinese mafia threatin to take the illumantti out n save mankind

Donald Marshall - Triad's are a powerful faction in the Illuminasty, feared. Triads will shut down Illuminati if only to save themselves from being complicit.

China and Russia are hardcore allies. 

Nicholas Giannino - What side his motivations benefit. Be careful of dogmatism sebastian. stating opinions as facts is a zero sum proposition. Kokesh has raised awareness of the atrocities of america in the middle east for a decade now. remember duality is a myth, no matter what master he serves they all serve the will of the one.

Roger Clayton - Russia has mention an interest in protecting Snowden so it is possible

Donald Marshall - Russia is messed up... anything to top America. Kokesh is with em...

Nicholas Giannino - Or they have a genuine belief in the sovereignty of the indivudual. Amerikkka messed up plenty on its own, dont need russia or anyones helpl

And other than your word, what leads you to believe that

Donald Marshall - Sometimes these people aren't even real guys,.. some are hosts that do what theyre told.

I broke my word... its no good now.

Nicholas Giannino - Also how does snowden disclosing benefit the illuminasty

Donald Marshall - Gave the Illuminasty my word I'd never betray their trust.

Undermine American puppet government, make Russia China look like the good guys.

Sebastian Bently - Do I have a shred of evidence about Adam Kokesh? OH HELL YEAH. What do you need?

Nicholas Giannino - My point is as a skeptical mind, what would lead someone to believe kokesh is a double agent other than you saying so

Donald Marshall - theres a lot of evidence about Kokesh... he is unusable now...

Nicholas Giannino - Perhaps you or Don could explain to me how outing america in the middle east benefitted the illuminati

Donald Marshall - Benefitted the arab faction there... all part of a plan to support a multiple fronted world war. to make people go with it, for reasons... instead of protesting for peace...they need reasons, to satisfy the populace of the country for the need to go to war.

so they do the false flags, different set ups do different stuff.

Russia and china WANT civil war in the US to weaken it.

Nicholas Giannino - Teal, not for nothing no matter who hes truly serving snowden acted patriotically and exposed a secret evil............ give the man some respect

Donald Marshall - They told him to expose it, and gave him the info. its part of a massive set up.

They oust Obama, (fall guy) expose Biden as part of it, American politicians are clones? evil? China and Russia must step in and save the day

like 36 separate countries are aligned against America,... theyre tired of being second best...Its a massive plot decades in the making

Jared Cheeseman - what will happen

Donald Marshall - Their plans aren't working,... America isn't stupid, they know what a false flag is... that is a barrier to their plans.

Katie Wright Whale Song - towards a One World Totalitarian state

Donald Marshall - yep... 

Unsure Jared, could go good. or it could go Vladamir's way. even Elizabeth doesn't mess with Vladamir.


Donald Marshall (Sun. October 12, 2014) - Edward Snowden has a statue and a movie coming out now. LOL!!! XD! I think they're trying to bug me...

He knows all about cloning and vrill. But he isn't exposing that. Chillin with Vladamir. The statue bothered me... As they knew it would.

Toto Deviant - controlled opposition. damned traitors!

Donald Marshall - I will tell you now. Snowden is at cloning too. And as such is controlled. Can't control me though. Lol.


Šubic Jana 

Donald Marshall - Maybe related, Snowden is a tool of theirs.


Donald Marshall (Fri. February 13, 2015)

Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle


Donald Marshall (November 2013)

He just got a medal of some kind for bravery in exposing or something. lol

DianeHelen Church - I thought I remembered watching a YouTube Video, when this all came out, showing the uncanny resemblance of Snowden to a college student who committed suicide because a room mate of his video tapped him having sex with another male. Video implied that Snowden was another crisis actor,

Now, I am wondering if they aren't just being lazy and using the same clone model over and over again?

Donald Marshall - :)

lot's of people have a carefully manufactured past.

Damjan Hajsek - What is a new news he knows about it?

DianeHelen Church Damjan - yes, it says it in the headline; Edward Snowden starts his new job in Russia —working on a website. Are you on one of those I-phone thingies, that do not allow you to scroll back? I heard that sometimes happens with those things.'

Jennifer Cooper - RIGHT! LOL! And now he gets a job working on a website. Imagine that!

Donald Marshall - I invite you all to delve into his past,... neighborhoods he grew up in, schools attended. 

Jennifer Cooper - It's obvious he was a plant. He's a puppet! He only released information that we all already knew, or at least those who were with their eyes open. Now he's such a martyr! PUKE!

Donald Marshall - I didn't want to get into it about him too much, people might have thought I was jealous of the attention he gets... I don't want that kind of gratuitous attention... just want people to know the truth. I can die after that I don't care... I'm just in it to end the madness and save others.

I also get the automatic satisfaction of vengeance as a side effect of destroying the Illuminati.


Donald Marshall (Wed. October 2, 2013) - :) Maybe remote aneurysm thing... Snowden Leaks To Reveal NSA's 'Central Role In The US Assassination Program'


Donald Marshall (Tue. July 9, 2013) - more than Homo Sapiens... buncha pokemons down there...

[ Snowden Reveals Documents: 'More Intelligent Homo Sapiens Exist Underground']


I beat you to the punchline a long time ago little puke lol Everybody wants to be the hero huh 

Celine O'carroll - yeah but o well least he is serving a purpose...drip drip better than nothin .

Donald Marshall - Yeah but he is part of a major plan, he is in no danger, he is a pawn and is leaking what they told him to.

Just remember.... Snowden get's massive media coverage, and the Illuminati allow the media to promote his story. Meanwhile they bend over backwards to ensure I never get major media attention and are attempting to slow me down at every turn, only my facebook and the forum are intact, whenever I get a new email address they hack it and change the password. happened like 5 times now.

Celine O'carroll - but the info they let others like snowden release is never quite correct...I suppose that is to pacify drones??

Donald Marshall - yes. and to keep the complicity of the illuminati high ups a secret.

Laurence Mountford - oh also, not homosapien, as they say in Doctor who, you know, in those two episodes "the Hungry earth" and "cold Blood" (cause those names don't mean anything) where you have the actual race of reptillians living underground near the core of the earth after going underground during the time of the dinosaurs due to cataclysm... *breathe*.... homo reptillia

Donald Marshall - yep.

Laurence Mountford - oh, and now resent humanity, as they were here before... sigh........

Donald Marshall - they claim sovereignty saying they were the original occupants of Earth.

Laurence Mountford - exactly like in doctor who, and that film "society" that I found out about and watched yesterday, as they say in that "we've been here as long as you"

Donald Marshall - they pre-date cave men. supposedly.

Laurence Mountford - yep, they said that in opposition to them being called aliens, so did the Thules just come accross them then? in the man of steel film on krytpon which i kinda see as atlantis really, they even have a ship burried below antarctica thats 20,000 years old and what not, but on krypton they say "harvesting the core was madness" I wondered if that might reference to the discovery of vrill and use of them, and as far as I can gather, they got too overtaken and blew it all up

Douglas Henson - Just FYI the article is fiction and website "the internet chronicle" is a fake news site. Gotta be really careful and always read the "legal" or "about" sections of a sketchy looking indie news site.

Donald Marshall - Ha, whether he said it or not, it'll still work for me. 

Laurence Mountford - mm fake news, don't get that anywhere else. but yeah, pretty coincidental bit of fake news then eh 

Donald Marshall - very.

Domenick DiMaggio - so i went to the link posted here...and then i clicked their "source" and its gone. so im going to call bullshits on this there is a more credible source than beforeitsnews with a broken hyperlink.

Donald Marshall - it's on other pages too. maybe theyre just copying the before its news one.

Domenick DiMaggio - im searching the innerwebz now

Donald Marshall - I dunno, I was glad to see this post 

me 2

Domenick DiMaggio

“Publisher's Note: It has come to my attention that I have doped...again. The website Chronicle.SU is a satirical website where misleading headlines and complete stories are hoaxes at best. I will attempt to find better articles in the future. Still Edward Snowden, Gary McKinnon, UFOs, who knows it does have the ring of truth in it. Dirk”

Donald Marshall - lol

Laurence Mountford - sounds like theyre trying to disinfo a piece of info on a disinfo site

Donald Marshall - Its on other pages too.........

Donald Marshall - Now I'm getting flooded with messages, about Snowden... maaaaan. Snowden says theres weird life underground and NOW everyone believes it? LMAO!!! Snowdens the man, I wonder if I can get his autograph lol.


Donald Marshall (Mon. June 23, 2014) 


Donald Marshall (Sat. July 26, 2014) - I hate this treacherous bastards effeminate junkie looking face. He's "Snowed dem"... Snowden: "If I end up in chains at Guantanamo, I can live with that"

I can live with that too. Then I'm getting a job at Guananimo to whip this f*g.

Brian Heath - He has achieved more than you ever will.

Donald Marshall - Lol. You need to go back to Casbolts timeline Brian. He hasn't done a fraction of what I have done in the world. 

Jordan Allison - Why don't you like him Don? Is he speaking truth? OR being a giant turd?

Donald Marshall - Turd. illuminasty manufactured people's hero.

Jordan Allison - But what he's saying... why would they want him.. and be ok with him exposing all that surveillance and NSA spying shit? Do they want to get it out there to there public to set an agenda or.. dont get it.

Donald Marshall - He's at the cloning center sometimes. We've met. He's not talking about that.


Annamaria Dienes (August 2013)

Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

Donald Marshall - A second underground alien thing from him? Maybe they'll try to use Snowden to reveal vrill.


Donald Marshall (October 2013) - To place your "consciousness" into an artificial carrier...

They are linked with the NSA... they use cloning to monitor people too... won't hear that from Snowden though... 


Donald Marshall (Tue. January 14, 2014) - Snowden saves the day. lol He's part of the grand plan... maybe they will hail him as the "Messiah". 

Celene Alf Menschel - greys ? tall white zeta greys

Donald Marshall - Vrill... or the bs Nordics (big oversized clones) they want to try to fool people with...

Michael Lemon - we must beware the wrath of the reptilian shape shifters

Donald Marshall - they dont shape shift, they parasite yer brain and bodysnatch ya. human shape then... thats the shapeshift... no magic or mysticism to it. No morphing involved...

Good picture though, thats pretty much what they look like... this ones a handsome one comparatively.

Celene Alf Menschel - are they edible??

Donald Marshall - wouldn't want to, they have poisonous glands. Bit a vrill type 3 before and it tasted like fishy.

Celene Alf Menschel - want to help mankind to disappears 

Donald Marshall - ET's dont want to help.

Kendra Blair - They aren't ET's- they are Demons

Donald Marshall - Demons, aliens, same shit. They die like anything else... just gotta shoot em. just an evolved dirty lizard... big but still just dumb lizard.

Kendra Blair Thats - why I want to know where these cloning centers are. I know a lot of people who would get together to go do just that

Donald Marshall - deep bases... Dulce Base... fulla them.

remember the movie "Aliens"? When Ripley and the tactical assault team of commando's infiltrated that complex and tried to sanitize it? Thats got to happen in a lot of places...

Kendra Blair - I wonder just how many bases there are.

Donald Marshall - around 2 hundred in the US alone. then theres other countries.

Debbie Lawrence - the 'aliens' have an ambassador in the UN

Donald Marshall - They're all ambassadors. lol All the UN leaders hang at cloning torturing memory suppressed people for sport and perving on children, while hanging with Vrill, who do the same.

Jayne Marilyn - Foster Do vrill reproduce or are they cloned too

Donald Marshall - they lay eggs... and can be cloned too but different cloning tubes for them... its not a glass cylinder full of fluid, its a flexible plastic bag like cloning tube they have to grow in, pressure difference needed when growing them.

Katherine A Blanchflower - Don, who is in charge of cloning? Humans or Vrill?

Donald Marshall - Pretty sure humans... but they've told me both over the years.

Katherine A Blanchflower - If its humans why would they want to clone nasty Vrill?

Donald Marshall - to fight. they fight each other and people there. Elizabeth has sicked them on me and others there.


David Guillermo Triana (Thur. December 12, 2013) - The law of one comes from a channeled source that made a fairly compelling argument over the course of five books. I doubt those who originally channeled it were following and Illuminati agenda based on experiences ive had through DMT that assures me its somewhat valid from a technical standpoint but if its biggest loudpiece is someone who secretly works for then while writing extensive blogs about it being real, having a show, and promisjg. That air force white hats are gonna's just discouraging to find a source of hope in on it. Si u believe snowden will have stuff on UFO disclosure ?

Donald Marshall - Snowden is an Illuminati scumbag.  :) and I don't care about that theoretical bs, I'm gettin cloning shut down n vrill n hosts wiped n other stuff. Illuminati belief system and their hodge podge collage religion does not interest me.

Snowden hangs at cloning and is part of a plan to fabricate a peoples hero, the things he "revealed" were already public knowledge, he just turned eyes to it, he is supposed to make Obama and American government look bad, while making Russia and China look good.

I don't research. Some of these people I find say similar things, but then it gets twisted and its all the sudden dimensional and theyre morphing lizards lol.... then there are all the bs truthers and radio truther tv truther people.... MANY of which have shown up at cloning wanting me in on abig cohesive plan that involves most of them being "truther heroes" at the end... but they're going to try to sugarcoat everything, as they've been told to...

I refused to play along... they attempted to bribe me with much stuff... refused... then attempted to threaten me... I refused... stabbed clones of me thinking they could sway my decision with pain... still refused...

I can't wait until I get guns.


Phil Chuppa (May 2014) - Well youre a little late Ed......

Snowden Leaks: "Tall Whites" Aliens Control the USA! Says IRAN!

Donald Marshall - Little late, yep Iran put out some info on inner Earth, before through Snowden.


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - See between the lines... I know you can now.

“Putin's Choice of Snowden to Light Olympic Torch Stirs Controversy”

Erica Mowen - But wasn't Snowden part of THE PLAN?

Donald Marshall - still is part of dee plan... 


Donald Marshall (Thur. June 13, 2013) - Possible. Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

Josie Marceleno - What!! How would you know who is on the list?

Donald Marshall - I know the camps exist, just not certain if they're for hosts or government dissidents. I've been told they are for parasited hosts. But with the freaks one can never be too sure.

That [Edward] Snowden whistleblower that's seeking asylum (sanctuary) in Russia say's he found files on government targets.

Sebastian Bently - Not to scare anyone, but technically, everyone that ever posted on Donny's page could be listed.

Donald Marshall - is listed. Anyone that shares a link about Obama even all the ones that don't know of me are listed.

Russia is going to try to come out looking like a hero. Russia is part of the play. A big part.

Josie Marceleno - So there is nothing we can do to change this??

Donald Marshall - Inform the populace.

Funny stuff. Stage is set. Ready for the next scene. Europeans ‘shocked and angry’ by ‘unaccountable’ American surveillance

Nikola Antic - poor guys they realy didnt know that 

Donald Marshall - Yes they did. They know about a lot. This is a stage play carefully orchestrated.


Moiz Khan (June 2013) - Can Edward Snowden be trusted?

Donald Marshall - No. Double agent.

Moiz Khan - why are they doing it??

Donald Marshall - Long story part of a plan to undermine America.

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