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Egyptian Gods: Osiris & Amon Ra

Donald Marshall - I fuckin hate these guys... The dog one isn't even all that mean, but the bird ones are, there are 2 bird ones. I hate all that weird shit. They're big into the melee combat like Predator.

2 bird ones, Osiris and Amon Ra... both have the same symbol, just reversed. 

both all about droning, both bad. one supposed to be good one supposed to be bad, nope, both bad BAD BIRDS! fuk dirty birds...

Brandon Lamar Johnson - R they wearing masks or are they literally Bird and dog headed? Are they remade from ancient egypt?

Donald Marshall - just techno bio constructs. unknown how old. I kid you not... shit is disturbing...

Fredrik Beckman - So have you had to fight theese things? Whats the purpose if them. why have they created them? all the best to you My friend.

Donald Marshall - They have multiple bodies, normally they walk around as normal people and at the CC as normal rem clones, but they have multiple freak bodies to use too, I've had to fight different ones over the years, sometimes theyre masks, sometimes its an oversized animals head grafted onto the humanoid clone body. They're mainly used to scare people into subservience. Sometimes its a Gold feathered robot bird looking thing, sometimes a gold plated shiny skull of a crocodile on a musclebound clone body. They have made many frankenstiens.

Fredrik Beckman - so WHO are controling theese freaks. WHOs contiousness is running the clones? this is a bit confusing sry if My questions are stupid!

Donald Marshall - nope, good questions. They've said many things, said they've been around for 5000 years , then said they were fake and a scam then they were space lord undead alien techno immortals. Then a scam again, so I don't know for sure.

Fredrik Beckman - aha ok whats your feeling then are they inteligent or just fight mode?

Donald Marshall - They act like dead chip heads, or hosts. That kinda dumb.


  1. AnonymousJune 12, 2016

    The images (or names) are wrong, left is Amon Ra and right is the eye of Horus

    1. very ignorant, Amon or Amen is the same God of the bible lol, Amen is also the holy father and creator. these is a god who sticks his neck out for the people and sacrifices for them and look how they speak of him. Humans are the most ungrateful disloyal beings on Earth like vipers.

      I will block any foul person or agents of Satan from being employed in job site or company. No current person will be able to fill vacancies such as APD or PD that are currently working at my site no wicked vial person will be allowed to be hired. Only good kind hearted souls I will pour the chicken and negative energy blocker from being hired form this point on and for the current C.C spot.

  2. AnonymousJune 23, 2016

    Donald marshal your so full of shit

    1. Just because you don't believe it or want to, doesn't make Donald full of shit. Only ignorant people contest what they know nothing about. If you DO have knowledge, how about sharing it instead of trying to libel a man who has done so much and is trying to help us? If you DON'T have knowledge, why are you wasting comment space? If your accusation is about the images being "wrong", just leave it at that- you don't need to insult him. Smh

      P.S.: Donald's last name is spelled with TWO L's: M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L

  3. Its Anubis not Osiris in the main picture. Osiris looks like zombie with stick and brush :P

  4. Osiris is good


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