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Evolved Fleas

Donald Marshall - Well... draconians are not the ugliest or scariest... they wanted to save these guys for the end... after meeting them, I now think draconians don't really look so bad... These things are so horrifying hideous that they have to wear a mask and robe around people... I demanded the mask be removed, thinking a deception was going on to try to scare me or something... then I wanted to see under the robe... I SO WISH that I hadn't... same mask... scariest thing yet really. Tell ya all I know about them too...

people at cloning can bear looking at vrill, once accustomed to their appearance... draconians and nephelim too... but no one can really look at these guys... unmasked and unrobed... it's too much.

Draconians and nephelim and Vrillz wanted these shown to me after them... to make me see how Dracs and nephelim and vrill aren't the ugliest... after seeing these guys with the masks... your kinda glad to look at the other ones instead then!!! LOL!!!

I think that was their plan all along...

Mike Brule - Eyes wide shut

Donald Marshall - no they took off their masks and were humans...this thing takes off it's mask you are having a heart attack.

Mike Brule - Yeah ive seen that mask before maybe it was a different movie

Donald Marshall - nah, this kinda mask was in that movie...was a human in it though, lol

Carey Yost - Looks like old plague mask

Donald Marshall - does.

Carrie Wilkinson - Uglier than the Predator?

Donald Marshall - yep

Madeline Sims - Why are they so concerned about how they look to us ?

Donald Marshall - humans are the best looking. they're jealous, and when humans recoil in fear and disgust, the stupid things get insulted.

Hippie Lovegods - Hey Donald, do these cats have a name(s) ?

Donald Marshall - they said it but I cant remember it exactly,... veknar or somethin... doesn't matter...

tell ya flat out what it is... it's an evolved flea...insect a fuckin flea...kill em all. so yes... Queen Elizabeth has fleas HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! like literally. 4 n 1/2 feet tall, on the hind legs. the eyes arent like my original pic... they are black circular like a spider and they don't blink. first things first... nephelim and draconians... then some other shit... then the flea lol...a flea Don?... a flea? yes a flea... i'm sorry...quarantine them underground or kill them all... I am adamant and unrelenting. they aint shit tho chemicals kill em easy. these are some fast and deadly though. I hate them. I hate bugs... especially biting bugs...

Audrey Cooper - Plauge mask

Donald Marshall - a version of plague mask thats the one thing different it has round black eyes that don't blink... and more than 2. :)

the fleas and vrill type ones breed rapidly and are spreading and getting into nephelim territories... population problems underground...I don't think Nephelim and Draconians are that ugly after meeting the fleas... aphids... whatever they are... that is why they introduced them to me last... to give me that perception.

well... I was repelled by the flea guys... LMFAO!!! n now i got fleas...its not good. I got bit by a big flea...someone is gonna die. um prophesizin! lol i hate bugs.

I thought I was having problems after talking to draconians and nephelims and a couple other things... nope... not as bad... I can actually hang with draco's at cloning now... lil freaky BUT... their appearance is nothing to the flea thing... I can't be around them... they seem to scare everyone the most... it is incredible their deadly deadly appearance...

there isn't a word to describe the look of it...the 5 foot standing on hind legs flea... oh my GOD!!! I'll tell all I know about it later...i couldn't be around it... I had to leave the room... the other people 2 guys in the room were shaken and pissed off that I demanded to see it maskless and unrobed...I thought it was a trick... a muppet of spliced think to joke on don scare em...nope...and I very much wish I hadn't actually looked at it.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - Do they bodysnatch?

Donald Marshall - can with chips

I don't have much problem talking to draconians and nephelim and the weird shit now... ever since I met the fuckin flea... I can not talk to the flea ones... and yes I know how idiotic that sounds... theres a reason those guys wear masks and robes...I hate bugs man... especially biting ones...

Sean Gatchell - Desensitized by degrees. I get it.

Donald Marshall - it's why they did it. now I could play chess with a draconian no problem...have tea and a conversation, whatever...but I can't be around the insect shit...lookin at the thing fucked me up, seriously...the clone center worker guy got messed up too when I insisted it remove the mask and robe. in a room, me the thing n 2 guys worst thing i have seen. and I've seen horrifying things. maybe it's just because I hate bitin bugs so nope...shit is not going as smoothly as I'd thought it might.

Richard Feldman - the fleas live underground as well?

Donald Marshall - yep

Phil Chuppa - but the fleas can speak?

Donald Marshall - using mindvoice tech they can.

Ariel Geron - they all can speak? english?

Donald Marshall - no, only some have learned

Ariel Geron - so there is no galactic federation of light? some spiecis who care about human?

Donald Marshall - they all want to be us. were the best looking alienz

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - Do you know what planets the beings from space are called?

Tempa Westbrook - Yo, must be some ugly looking fleas, lol.

Donald Marshall - inknown which systems... and yes they are horrifying to behold.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - why did they come to Earth? If you answered that I'll go read the back posts

Donald Marshall - unknown... resources, bodies, u know.

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  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

    What about ticks and lyme disease/co-infections? I'm literally dying from the bite of two ticks. Is there anything about this at the cloning centers or illuminate? From my knowledge all diseases are created by our government on plum island but I'm curious if the illuminati has something to do with this. Millions of people are suffering with lyme disease and being told its all in their head and that they need psychiatric help. Kind of like morgellions disease. Any thoughts on this Donald?


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