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Faraday Cage

Donald Marshall (Sun. September 1, 2013) - I'm gonna end up another dead guy, people'll say, yeah they killed him, he musta been telling the truth, doctor will say heart disease or something lol. I would rather stay alive to see the executions.

Celine O'carroll - Tell us what to do Donald..x

Donald Marshall - Build me a castle out of lead. 

Charles Bull - can we start with a room??????

Celine O'carroll - you could build a cheap enough surround for your bed and earth it...may not work but its definitely worth a try Don....what have you got to lose

Donald Marshall - can't get the stuff,... you need those curtains from like an x-ray room, the rubber feeling curtains. theyre way expensive, looked it up. and no telling if thatd work.

weird at cloning now....

I dont think mylar work's, the faraday cages are made of the lead curtain sheild stuff. getting grounding cable t the 14th floor would be hard too. lol

Charles Bull - we need to get some scientists on our team i have no idea how to build you a faraday cage

Donald Marshall - I know how to make, it's on the net, just the lead curtains cost.

Celine O'carroll - oh..bummer.....well does anyone else know about this..i mean mylar versus lead....cos we need to be sure that it defo wouldnt work....and does anyone else know if there is any way to earth it in a high rise flat....if there isnt then even the most expensive faraday cage would be useless.

Donald Marshall - yeah you have to ground it I've heard.

Becky BigCanoe - hope you make it.

Donald Marshall - me too!!! lol I want to see what the reward is for saving the world from vrill, hosts n clonin n dead chipheads n all the craziness....probably better than just a fruit basket with assorted cheese's I'm thinking... 

Tim Locke - all you need is LEAD. Lead can be gained from....

Car Batteries. Which can be found all over the place. but may cost a few pennies. Until 15 yrs ago, you could get them left and right, but for some reasons the Governments decided to pay companies to start recycling them, at nearly triple the cost of manufacturing a new one, and it is not due to a Lack of Lead Supply. 

Oh yes, they Say LEAD POISONING. thats why they had to do it.

Get some old car batteries, and you can take the lead plates out of them. then you can use the lead and process it a little bit and use it as needed... 

At One Time, they made Lead paint and still do, except now there is a shitton of paperwork that must be given to the Gov to use it.. I wonder why that is.

Charles Bull - Honestly Donald I respectfully disagree with the execution part.. violence begets more violence that has always been the trap I say exhile the illuminuts and chip heads on remote island in the middle of the ocean and let them fend for themselves,. maybe we can set up video camera's and watch them self destruct Now that's compelling reality television, I just might actually buy a TV for that show

Donald Marshall - yeah lol it says in a couple prophecies that evil crazies are banished to an island, in one possible path, but that the island becomes the worst place on Earth and they kill each other off and other stuff lol... the clones told me about it out there, I mentioned the island idea 

Tim Locke - you presume these things Think, Act, and behave like that of MAN. they do not, they are cold blooded. they will ALWAYS Seek to enslave MAN. Now and always so long as they exist on this realm. You can not stop a toad from being a toad. no matter how much you kiss it, it WILL NEVER be a Prince or Princess of MANkind.

No there is only one way to deal with them. And the Only REASON we are in this Issue TODAY, is they have ALWAYS BEEN ALLOWED TO LIVE by playing upon the Compassion and Emotions that MANkind Possesses, of which they have none.

Donald Marshall - they are like that. could confine vrill underground with sound emitters or something, but then there are the dead chip head things. A lot of them dont want to cease existing.

Danielle Lynn Campbell - Donald, why don't the celebrities, who have millions of dollars, build a faraday cage around their bedroom? They can afford it.

Richard Adams - Faraday Cages are made of Conductive material, Mainly Copper due to cost.

Donald Marshall - they'd get shot.

Joe Nessuno - Copper water pipes will xo

Michael Taylor - A faraday cage can be made from any conductive metal ....lead is better as it has electromagnetic radiation absorbing properties that's why they use a rubber lead synthetic paint on stealth aircraft so the radars can't detect it as the signal is absorbed instead of bouncing back, you can build a safe room with stainless steel sheeting and piant the outer side (the bit facing out to the wall) with lead paint then ground (earth) the sheeting, if you can't get a ground wire up to where you are just wire it to the earth outlet on your electrical outlet in the property plug sockets are a good choice, when any signal ELF or electromagnetic radiation tries to enter or exit the room it can't as the lead paint will absorb most the energy the other will be conducted into the stainless steal and dissipated into the ground, hope this helps Donald 

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