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Financial System

Donald Marshall (Sat. June 22, 2013) - The pre existing financial system will continue to be used until a new system can be hammered out and implemented. Money must still be used.

A monetary unit of some kind must always be used for barter and trade.

Not a chip in your arm that someone tells you can be used like a debit card,... do not get any chip. Not even a gps chip for your kid. Sometimes they have a secondary function that they don't tell you about.

Nicholas Giannino - systems already in place its called the amero

Donald Marshall - nah, a LOT of people never use plastic, only deal with cash, people that don't live in cities, other countries don't want to be solely digital... it's not gonna fly.

Jason Colchiski - There will be a new Paper Currency issued within the next 3 years... There waiting until the they can control Lybia, Syria and Iran... They have moved pretty quickly from the year 2000 when there were only 7 countries without a Rothschild Centralized Bank... Gold and Silver is where it's at!

Donald Marshall - Don't believe everything you read,...

David Durand - Grow your own sustinence kill only what you can adequately consume (animals only please) out of compassion provide those that are without and can't do for themselves with what you have in abundance. Break free of the system of control which through greed gives the false sense of power which is actually just an extreme manifestation of ignorance. You have these abilities. Personally I have been without any monetary currency for over a year now and have travelled across this great land. Learn how to survive and then thrive. Money is going away anyhow and this is fact that can't be stopped.

Donald Marshall - nooooo,... that would be the end of the world lol

A form of currency will always be needed.

Tim Webster - It's value on a string (with attachment)no matter what form. Clip the string, that's the challenge.

Donald Marshall - A form of currency must be maintained. Or loss of social order will ensue. There is a lot to it and I meant to discuss it later as it isn't "immediately" important just yet. theres bigger problems to fix first.


  1. Bitcoin == FREEDOM MONEY

    * No middle-man (bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency)
    * Nobody can 'freeze' your account
    * Send money 24/7
    * Can't be inflated to infinity (limited supply)
    * God bless the nerds!


    Privacy, works with electricity, cash can be carried in pocket.

    Bitcoin gets stolen in hacks or taken over by someone. Needs electricity for computers. It is good to have around like paypal but not a backbone currency.


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