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Flight MH370

Jesse Arnett (March 2014) - 

do u know whats up don?

Donald Marshall - no, The Illuminati told me as clones that aliens have them now, the planes and the people. dunno if that's true or not, can't believe anything they say.


Vince Marra (Wed. June 4, 2014) - Where is flight 370...what do the nasty pervs say at the cc?

Donald Marshall - that alienz got them in a base.


Donald Marshall (March 2014) - 

the black box should have been found.


Margi Steward (June 2014) - You have to be kidding me, putting this amount of money into this a joke, but now it seems its a competition between Malaysia and Australia about who has spent the most money on the search! smh Australia has earmarked $90 million to look for MH370 but Malaysia has spent less than $10 million as officials begin talks on how to fund search operation

Donald Marshall - I don't think they're finding it.


Donald Marshall (Tue. March 11, 2014) - :(

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  1. Yes, very fishy, especially with the 20 Freescale employees on board.
    I recall shortly afterwards the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott coming out and saying the 'overwhelming evidence is that flight MH370 has crashed into the southern Indian ocean' ... I thought to myself; What overwhelming evidence Tony??? Do you know something we don't??? A very odd thing to say. Almost as if that is what he wanted us all to believe.
    Note: A year later he was stabbed in the back and ousted by his own party, and Malcolm Turnbull stepped in.


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