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Flo Rida

Donald Marshall (June 2013) - making fun of me and my efforts, like Flo-Rida, and his whistleblower song.....


Christy Hudson (Thur. August 1, 2013) - No, I think your rapping ability bolstered your street cred. lol Just saw that video today.

Donald Marshall -  lol I dont even like rap much, hard for me to remember the words. I did it a bit faster than Flo Rida does it, just because people wanted to see if i had the ability to do it

I put many hints and references into the song "Good Feeling" by Flo-Rida.

The mountain top, walk on water, I got power, feels so raw you, one second umma strike, all you, diamond platinum (records) no more for you.

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