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Uploading Consciousness

"For those willing to go the distance, however, “hard uploading”, in which the contents of a person’s brain is digitized and transferred to an alternative substrate, would allow astronauts to swap their bodies in a more literal fashion. One major benefit of this approach is that astronauts could upload their consciousnesses to different robots, depending on the nature of the task at hand. And when they’re done working, the astronauts could download themselves back to their default bodies — or supercomputer-based avatars. In fact, future space dwellers might not require a permanent body at all.“[A] crew of human uploads implemented in solid-state electronic circuitry will not require air, water, food, medical care, or radiation shielding,” noted futurist Giulio Prisco in KurzweilAI. A secondary benefit of uploading is that, in the event of a catastrophic accident, say a collision with space debris, a backup copy could be called upon to resume activities."

Your Children Won't Be Able To Live In Space, Without A Major Upgrade:

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