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Fritz Springmeier

Donald Marshall (January 2016) - Tell everyone about the place Fritz.

Joshua Kuzmicz - Sorry, I must have missed something. I know there is stuff going on, I just try to get different perspectives.

Donald Marshall - No I'm glad you tagged him. I'd love to talk to Fritz. There is much Fritz neglects to tell people. Fritz has been at cloning many times. Knows all about it and me. We've met there. Spoke there.


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - Illuminati "truther". Dont know if he was impersonated or not, but someone that looks just like him was at cloning, telling me to go along with the bs plan they try... never saw a pic of him,... looks the same. I'd rather not have anything to do with these people... if they arent talking facts I'm not interested.


Donald Marshall (March 2016) - Fritz Springmeier is at cloning. Is down with them.


Donald Marshall (October 2015) - Fritz is at cloning sometimes. We've met.

Velda Lyons - Is he controlled opposition ?

Donald Marshall - Oh he is controlled. Yes

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