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Getting The Info Out There

We need to get this information somehow on some big radio station/show and/or on Live TV.

I was also thinking maybe someone can organize a group of people who are willing to confront a celebrity or a politician on camera and demand answers.

Donald Marshall did say “I need to raise an angry mob... to confront harper [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] or elizabeth [Queen Elizabeth]... Harper will fold easily... he is terrified.”

One of the main questions to ask would be, “where are the cloning centers located”? Demand for them to be shutdown ASAP.

The following are idea’s myself and others have come up with to share and spread Donald Marshall’s information:

1. Copy info from Don’s forum, wall or group and paste it as a status on your wall (preferably with a picture to draw more attention) or as a comment on someone else’s page/wall or even on YouTube. Or you can just comment yourself about Don on: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

2. Simply post a link to one of Donald Marshall’s interviews or videos on your wall or someone else’s wall/page and maybe even include why you think they should check it out or perhaps some information about the video.

3. Write something like Google Donald Marshall Clone and/or add his Facebook on money. You can even write it or type it out on pieces of paper and put them in magazines at stores or books at the library.

4. Text, tweet, etc. TV channels/shows that allow you to with Donald Marshall’s information.

5. Put Donald Marshall’s videos on DVD’s and give them out.

If you don't know how to do this, then here's a link to an ISO file that has Don's original letter and the interview with Vinny Eastwood on it:

Click on the link and download the ISO file and save it to your computer.

Now go to the following site to download and install the free burning software called BurnAware Free:

Place a blank DVD-R or DVD+R disc (you can find these blank discs in stores or on sites like eBay or Amazon for cheap) in your computer. Open up the BurnAware Free software on your computer. Next click on Burn Image and then click on Browse. Find the Donald Marshall Exposed The Illuminati ISO file on your computer (wherever you saved it at) and click on it and then click on Open. Finally click on Burn and wait until the burn is complete (approx. 10 minutes).

This will produce a DVD that can be played/watched on TV and/or PC. Repeat the steps in the paragraph above to keep making more DVD's.

6. Call-in on a radio show or a TV show and surprise them out-of no-where with your off-topic information from Don. Make sure you say his name and some important piece of info to go along with it. For example, you could say “before I forget, I wanted to say how Illuminati insider Donald Marshall revealed how people (including innocent children) are brought to the cloning centers to be raped, tortured and killed”.

You can call-in on The Alex Jones Show. The more people that try to call-in on Alex's show, the more likely it would be that one of us would get on. The following link has the information you need (days, hours and number for Alex Jones' show):

They ask for your first name, state and what topic you want to talk about (obviously your probably going to have to lie about the topic, so you can surprise them out-of no-where with Don’s info).

7. Join the Log of activity for Donald group. This is a support group for Donald Marshall...if your on Don's friend list and want to help make more people aware of Don's information, then join. If you're not on Don's friend list but still want to show support, then send a brief explanation of why you want to join to Celine O' Carroll or DianeHelen Church.


  1. How long is there till plan rolls out ,Don??? . We spamming like nuts online to get word out

    1. I know, I didn't think it would take this long.


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