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Goddess Aphrodite

Donald Marshall (Mon. July 28, 2014) - It's name is Istar AKA Ishtar... And it came out to talk to me at cloning last night... It's Aphrodite and Isis and a bunch of other names...

Undead chip head alien. Undead techno god...A lot echno gods are angry with me... I embarrassed them. I went overboard lol. They're all undead stupid. I verbally crippled them. They're pissed at me. They always figured I'd play along, do as they told me to... :) They were wrong.

Brooklyn Whoisdonaldmarshall Light - They pretty much know now that you are not playing along. What's next on their agenda? Are they making certain demands of you and us?

Donald Marshall - They wait.


Donald Marshall (Sat. July 26, 2014) - A Sumerian God. Looks like the Statue of Liberty with the robe off. :)

Also a Sumerian God.

Michael J Kahnke - Sumerians

Spiros Kalostipis - Also, if you look at the serpents and her body, it looks like the medical/health symbol used today. Hmmmmmmm...

Donald Marshall - Um...

7 spikes on both crowns, same face and hair... :|

Michael J Kahnke - Seven spikes. 3.5 Turns of the snake = A deep ancient understanding of the principles of physical reality. Sacred Geometry all the way. Three and Seven are sacred to them.

Donald Marshall - I think I just figured something out... :|


Oh... Schnap...

Michael J Kahnke - Oh. Also important to note that the lizards were (and are) here, and THIS! THIS is why Amun Ra has been able to negotiate his way 'legally' into this time/space. He don't belong here. He's more like the Balrog, from Lord of the Rings.

Donald Marshall - It is like the balrog.



And further in the past. Sumerian.

Goddess Astarte...

Too much...Oh fuck...Well... Um... This is a startling revelation.

Michael J Kahnke  - Well that's disturbing.

Donald Marshall - Yes it is.


Donald Marshall (Sat. July 26, 2014) - Aw shit...


Michael J Kahnke '- peace' dollar

Donald Marshall - Oh man I am in deep...I thought these things might just be a nazi bs trick with gene spliced clone creations.

I've been punching, jump kicking them biting them and pulling feathers out...This is not good...The things are pissed.

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  1. These beings are more significant than you might realise. IS=ISIS RA=RA EL=ELOHIM Be careful!


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