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Golden Truth

Donald Marshall - Truth is Golden  May it reach the four corners of the world. Basically truth is golden and I and others will make it spread to all directions. But I got smashed up bad as clones and drug through the dirt, but the gold still shines through lol.

Donald Marshall - My symbol, golden truth going in all directions. bruised battered and bloody but still shines te golden truth.

Tracie Mcenroe - It represents a compass, and Truth in all directions. it does resemble the choas sign.

Donald Marshall - they started calling it that in 1993 I think when Warhammer games adopted the symbol for an evil force called the Chaos legion. It's also an old symbol for sun worship, some of the sun worship stars have 56 points. :P

Kevin Craig - are you proficient at throwing stars...?

Donald Marshall - no throwing knives.

Donald Marshall -Truth, golden truth spreading in all directions Through the darkness of ignorance. Battered n bloody but still shines.

Bronny Dolphin - not a war hammer emblem ! :)

Donald Marshall - Nah, the warhammer gaming company started using it in like 93

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  1. What do you know about the suspicious death of Jimi Hendrix? Word has it they he might have been killed by his manager, Mike Jefferies in possible connection with MI6 and the FBI.


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