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Gucci Mane

Kenya Noriee' Robins (September 2013) - Is Gucci Mane ie... the rapper from atlanta, a drone??

Donald Marshall - I dunno.

Kenya Noriee' Robins - Does he visit the cloning center?

Donald Marshall - Heard his name there before, can't remember if I met him there, met too many... I forget all the names.

Kenya Noriee' Robins - This Gucci Mane Talking About His Manager

Donald Marshall - That's mostly what they do at cloning... old people raping kids in the dirt arena... and the rest watch... it's absolutely retarded... I cant adequately describe the behavior... it is just too unbelievable... you'd have to see it... you'd just have to see it...

Gucci Mane might end up dead soon, or acting off the wall in a downward spiral.


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    Hey Don, Thanks for all you do. I believe everything you say and you gave me closure on the things i was studing over the years but really couldn't make that connection. Just curious, Gucci mane has now been released from Prison and there are open rumors about him being a possible clone. Might there be an update for 2016 on if that is possible being that stated he was mentioned a couple times? Thank you

  2. I truly believe Gucci Mane is a clone now after his realease from prison..


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