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Donald Marshall (October 2012) - CALL TO THE WORLD AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS!

A weather modification and seizmic affecting technology called H.A.A.R.P (Multinationally run) is about to unleash havoc upon our planet causing harsh storms earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of a massive scale... the government is doing this to MANUFACTURE events that will coincide with Biblical prophecies like in revelations and others like Nostradamus... reason being.

They want people to seek shelter in D.U.M.B.S deep underground military bases... where a nightmare will befall them. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, it is planned by the Illuminati/NWO (New World Order) which is comprised of many world leaders and the richest people in the world.

The reason they want people to seek refuge underground is due to the fact we have invaded by a malevolent alien race which dwells miles underground, theyre called Vrill or Vrill-yaa They are troglodytes that the Illuminati use for the unique biological properties of their bodies, They are Parasitic lizards, semi intelligent and have the ability to take a human host and make them what is known as a drone.

These reptilians are used to bodysnatch people to use as the Illuminati/NWO see fit, the takeover is complete, total domination, the human dies and the lizard lives on as them, taking over the humans brain chemically in a biological invasion of the humans skull and brain, It is my duty as a human being to inform my species of this threat.

There are many "drones" in society today, the Illuminati/NWO have been droning humans with a military like agenda... they are all over the world and are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes you hear about on the news, they live only to drone more, they have no compassion, A GRAND DECEPTION years in the making is afoot, I do not want money or fame, I only want to tell the world the truth before I die, IF YOU seek shelter in an underground government installation, you will all be parasited and made into human hosts "drones" for these lizards,... or slaves or eaten... heed my warning because this is imminent. there are 3 kinds of Vrill lizards that I know of and the third is largest and run them all... the deception is, these "grey" long necked looking evolved parasitic lizards run the smaller ones (other 2 types) and they are about to reveal themselves to the world soon, calling themselves the Pleadians,... they are not from space they come from underground, they predate human beings and survived the cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs as they were safely miles underground in subterranean colonies. They are going to possibly float down in (MAN MADE) ufo's which are written about on my wall, they will say we are here to save you from the small lizards that kill you... and bring you into the light... these things are sinister and only want to drone you or have the other smaller Vrill lizards drone you, enslave you or eat you. You must believe me. We vastly outnumber the drones and lizards, but they have drones in high places, You must use my information to save our race, if you seek shelter underground in bases you will be droned, I know the plan, My ex family are freemason Illuminati. bring others to read, this is a global crisis, they are going to haarp all over the place,... and all to fit the Vrill takeover agenda... this affects every human on Earth, the parasites are widespread like a plague.


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - lessee most know the basics of what it can do. but once all installations are done haarp gets more functions once the grid is complete..... then it can do time travel... they said, which could destroy earth.... 50/50 chance, and they can bend space and make the distance between like earth and pluto like 1000 miles for a few seconds and it goes back again and they can get a ship to travel fast . also they said they will be able to mind control people without the use of chips or mk ultra or monarch. will be way worse when grid is complete. does more stuff. the space folding and time travel manipulation and mind control, they told me,... the grid gotta be complete though its not just one place, they have to have a certain number of em up around the world in certain spots and have em all working in unison. from what theyve told me,... could be bs I dunno lol. The illuminati clones there told me this... Elizabeth Vladamir,... many many of them...we discussed everything under the sun over 31 years of being brought there as clones,... talked everything to death...confided in me cuz I'd made songs since 5 years old, they thought I was special and wanted me to hang with them, some of them Id made their favorite songs,,... also was memory suppressed back then so was harmless, then they were trying to impress me and amaze me with what they had... wanted me to be a willing full member I faked to learn what they do and how they do it, looking for a way to block the consciousness transfer from cloning then when found none but knew just about everything they do I became super rat lol


Donald Marshall - once theyre all completed theyve told me they can mind control anyone remotely and they will drone people like never before,... the thing will be capable of setting time back in case theyre ever in danger they can set time back,... but THEY will remember the other time where no one else will and they can correct the mistake that led to theyre downfall... we will all be slaves...


Donald Marshall (Thur. July 11, 2013) - HAARP does multiple things. Could be used for great benefit, but is used as a weapon.


Donald Marshall - they got mind control down pat now, and soon when they finish the haarp they will be able to burrow into anyones head...entire world will be slaves... then nearly the entire world will be drones after that...


Donald Marshall (Sat. December 8, 2012) - Phase 4 imminent, they've been saying they will shut down peacefully and stop haarp if I don't include it, but theyre still haarping everywhere...


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - haarp used correctly will tame weather with no adverse effects


Donald Marshall (Thur. November 29, 2012) - Theyre worried about people finding out about haarp usage to cause the disasters... people died during the earthquakes and stuff, theyre going to say drones put them up to it, and the religious fanatics.


Donald Marshall (Sun. November 18, 2012) - Illuminati are using advanced tech on the sun. like haarp on earth affects every living thing on Earth. everyone feels lil edgy wierd, doesn't know why,... now ya know :)

Massive Solar Eruption, Birds Falling Out Of Sky, Volcanoes Going Off Again, War (17th Nov 2012)


Donald Marshall (Fri. November 9, 2012) - so anyway Thien er Tilaaa many people are going to die from the haarping...

You have to tell the whole truth before it's too late Thien, they are going to kill many people with the haarp...


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - theyre blasting the techtonic plates in the ring of fire regions... it's not going to be good. using haarp on techtonic plates... not going to be a good outcome... I've been trying to get them to stop but they haven't.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - there is a D.U.M.B under Florida, a deep underground military base. The Vrill enter from underneath it and parasite people the NWO bring there... I am now trying to thwart a plan they have to use haarp to cause massive volcanic eruptions and weather anomolies to get people to seek shelter in these bases... it is a plan to seperate people one by one and drone them... or make them slaves, or dinner. They are strict carnivores. and their favorite meat is human. Human child actually as certain Vaccinations are poisonous to Vrill or "Pleadians" and they get sick and or die from it. Children don't have these Vaccinations yet at age 4 and 5.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Used in a positive way, it could be a great benefit to mankind,... but corruption reigns.


Donald Marshall - if you do not heed my warnings before haarp installations are completed you will all be slaves.


[Audio Version] HAARP & The Vril Takeover Agenda


Donald Marshall (Sun. October 19, 2014)  - I didn't know that they were HAARP rings... This is very very bad... I thought HAARP rings were more exact circular... They only turn them on at night and only on the east coast, southern states and what they call the Bible Belt, which is a strip up the middle, Which contain States that are very Christian. The Illuminasty told me years ago as clones a few things that HAARP can do. In addition to the weather it can affect people's minds in bad ways. I am no weatherman or expert on these things but I've been watching the MY RADAR app with moving picture and it really looks like they are drawing moisture away from California... In my UNexpert opinion, California is being dried out on purpose. Also I remind you, the HAARP station in Miami is never on now... I think because I'm here now. HAARP messes up your brain. This is not good...

Closest one is Tampa. I'm never near one... Illuminasty don't like Miami. I'm pretty sure it'd be getting blasted at night too if I wasn't here now...

Lee Ann Hand - Is it because California's got lots of farms and they want the crops to die?

Donald Marshall - That and other things

Katherine A Blanchflower - Ft Myers is clear for chem trails for a while now, maybe you are our good luck charm Donnie :)

Donald Marshall - They don't chemtrail over me... Miami was clear for a long time. I'm just outside Miami now, and they've resumed chemtrailing Miami so I'm told...

This is so not good...

Katherine A Blanchflower - why

Donald Marshall - Because HAARP rings can fry brains slowly and I know why they're doing it...I didn't know they were HAARP rings. :(

Evan Z. Hopkins - purpose of these HAARP rings? just to generally fuck us up in the head to be less-resistant/aware/intelligent? just curious

Donald Marshall - Yes and other optional effects.

Evan Z. Hopkins - kind of like the low frequency sonic warfare crap. emitting vibrations that make us mildly crazy or nautious or various other things depending on the output

Donald Marshall - Yes


Donald Marshall (Mon. October 20, 2014) - They have begun powering up the stations. Now. These things scramble your brain slowly over time.

Not around me though.

They will activate others and they will increase in intensity through the night. While you sleep.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - Damn is there some near Rancho Cucamonga?

Donald Marshall - Review pics. I've taken many pics of the HAARP station locations.

Where's Rancho Cucamonga?

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - In California Sorta by La and Orange County

Donald Marshall - None in Cali. They attract precipitation it seems and none are active on the west coast that I've seen. Intentionally drying up California looks like.



Donald Marshall (Thur. November 13, 2014) - Ha. Is a HAARP Weather Weapon Causing the California Drought?

Bout time. 

Usually I like being right. But it seems to cause people to run and hide. Lol. My wall is pretty quiet.


Donald Marshall (November 2014) - This is a mobile floating HAARP station. Last time North Korea was threatening, the U.S. Parked this thing offshore. North Korea settled down really fast. Didn't have to use it on them. Just the threat of HAARP and its proximity to them was enough.

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