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Hardest Vrill To Kill

Question (Mon. November 19, 2012) - Donald my friend... You may have already answered this but I want to know; Which virll is the hardest to kill and why?

Donald Marshall - Type 3, the empathic blast drops anyone. they can only do one person at a time though, besides that Vrill type 1 are the hardest because they swarm ya, and their spit is automatically debilitating. It's concentrated and siezes you up in pain, it's so bad that if they spit in your eyes you will gouge out your own eyes in desperation. Theyre very fast too and jump far and high. they tire quickly and become lethargic though

Question - What do you recommend for eye protection and what would be your weapon of choice?

Donald Marshall - face shield and total coverage, it absorbes through skin and will still poison you just slower, it's very concentrated, light and sound devastate them guns are good but the small ones are very fast and run on all fours, Agile

My weapon of choice would be a tank, if I had choice :)

can just run em over with a car too, be safe in a car, they couldn't get in.

they group and attack instinctually like that, when they smell the blood of their own kind they frenzy for a short time but tire quickly and are slowed and sluggish. Big on strength but short on stamina.


David Weir (January 2014) - Donald are type 2 and 3 Vrill stronger then humans, do we have a chance one on one against them?

Donald Marshall - not against type 3 unless you have a weapon... could kill type 2's. and type 1's is 50/50 because one bite and your done and they can spit the spit on you and blind you mess you up too then bite you,... they're stompable though.

type 3 would beat up Arnold Swarzenegger though,... they're skinny looking but INCREDIBLY strong... reptile muscles are more dense or something. Arnold would get tossed.

not to mention the built in weapons on the wrists and the nasty spit bite THEY have... bite is more narcotic debilating than corrosive like type 1's.

David Weir - Is their bite full of bacteria and will kill you, like Komodo Dragons?

Donald Marshall - its more like some kind of drug, some clones there get injected with it intentionally... messes up the clone, but they just goto next clone.

same kind of thing with the wrist spikes on type 3 big uns. it injects you with something with a cartiledge wrist spike. on the forearm.

David Weir - Do they like working with the Illuminati and humans or are they forced into it like trained animals?

Donald Marshall - seems an uneasy alliance.


  1. Hi Donald, God bless if He wants. We humans need to be blessed by the creator, GOD, and serve Jesus by His Holy Spirit. LISTEN: HOW DO I KNOW THAT A PERSON IN FRONT OF ME, HAS A HOLOGRAM HUMAN BODY....????

  2. with intention say/think: "I am breaking the code of disillusion to see what is before me"---they will know you can see them and be VERY curious as to why/how, so be carefull


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