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Heath Ledger

Donald Marshall (November 2012) - Heath Ledger broke his neck trying to do a breakdancing move where you spin and push up on a hand and land back on your feet, he slipped and came down on your neck, broke his neck and they finished him off so he didn't end up paralyzed.


Amelia Duran (October 2013) - Heath did not die during the making of batman. The way you claim. The ritual is his last movie.

Donald Marshall - wasn't him in that movie, it was a clone doing it with someone else running it.

...I was there when he broke his neck, was there when he got shot in the head while laying on his back with a broken neck...

Heath Ledger was a privileged ass boy as clones at the CC, lived a life of luxury... never got tortured, never got gangstalked none of that... he was a willing illuminati member for profit and fame.

Heath was in it for profit... talked to him as clones many times there... he used to laugh when they'd whack me with 2x4 boards and throw me down the cement steps of the arena... I'm glad Heath Ledger is dead...


Laurence Mountford (September 2013) -  what happened with heath?

Donald Marshall - tried to pull a break dancing move called a headspin and broke his neck.  paralyzed him... so they offed him.

Laurence Mountford - when did he do that?

Donald Marshall - During the batman movie... the next movie he did wasn't him, it was a clone.

Laurence Mountford - so that was him actually playing the joker?

Donald Marshall - no, that was me.

Laurence Mountford - ?

Donald Marshall - I don't mention everything, as it's too out there, and in the everything, as it's too out there, and in the grand plan, not especially important.

Laurence Mountford - oh please tell me this one dude, its got my attention naw

Donald Marshall - In addition to making music, I've helped in movies and helped make scripts concepts cartoons, buncha shit.

Laurence Mountford - but what you mean when you say that was you playing the joker/

Donald Marshall - Had me in a Heath Ledger clone and made me run around making up lines in a role playing situation to add catch phrases and lines to the script.

Not all, but a lot... did a bunch of that stuff... had to back then or I'd get my face cut off or something and left on the floor to writhe in agony... so I played along... now I just go for the writhing...

Laurence Mountford - could you tell me a bit speicifcally? what you did for the joker role

Donald Marshall - different stuff... lines mostly... like I was in a boardroom with a bunch of criminals,... and they were like "you think you can just walk in here and rob US"? I couldnt think of anything funny to say... couldnt think of any witty comeback so I just said "um yes" as in like obviously... I thought they'd get mad that the comeback was not good enough,... but the idiots said it was genius and used it in the movie...

lotsa stuff... irrelevant really in the big picture... all that stuff will be known at the end.


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  2. Wow...i thought that boardroom meeting room scene was the best Heath Ledger acting ever! and one of the best scenes ever in a movie!....."Im pleased it was you Donald".
    That makes favorite actor! 8)


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