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Hillary Clinton

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - He's [Obama] not mind controlled, he's fear controlled, he does what he's told... russia china and britain and israel tell him what to do and say. He has no power at the cloning centers, Hilary will do the same, Romney will do the same, anyone thats elected will. US is not free... its an illusion.


Celine O'carroll (Fri. November 14, 2016) - daughter [Angela Merkel] of Don told us..... What Happened To Hitler's Frozen Sperm?

Donald Marshall - They told me Hitler was her father even eat back when I was a teenager. Hilary Clinton is supposedly his biological daughter too.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Had to bang Hilary 2 times, wasn't fun... As clones but still...


Andre Mytty (January 2016) I want to believe: Hillary Clinton says aliens may have visited Earth

Donald Marshall - Hilary has met multiple varieties of them at cloning.


Donald Marshall (Mon. April 28, 2014) - I take over and lead you all to safety. I'm the safe bet.

hey,... it's me or Hilary,... and she fucks draconians, so I dunno. Ron Paul's at cloning too, scared as a kid,... but ya could vote for him... lol vote Don...I bite aliens on the face... <<< that's going to be my campaign slogan.


Vince Marra (May 2014) - Hillary fucks them [Draconians] thou? Like literally physically has sex with them not as in a gross analogy but literally?

Donald Marshall - as clones.  then shreds the clone painless disposal and goes to the next clone of her. she doesnt want to but she is beyond traumatized scared and overcompensates in her evil act shes a hostage... basically.


Donald Marshall (July 2012) - A clone beyond mark 2 needs a chip in its head to work,.. I dont know all about type 3 and 4 clones but a 3 needs a chip to run and a type 4 which is called a double, was told years ago that a chip is needed but Im not certain if true. They havent told be about type 4 much... Hilary has a double and tried to get caught on tape intentionally, in 2 different parts of the country, she was in trouble for that at the cloning center for that,... they almost had her killed for it... people talked about it for a while she denied it and thatwas it, lol people just stopped talking about it. . they have undead mark 3 clones and mark 4 doubles... Beyonce's double had the baby to keep her main body healthy as having a kid takes a lot out of you... Elizabeth and the royals and many have doubles,... I'll try to explain ark 3 and 4 better, I dont know a lot about mark 3 and 4 just the basics.


Madeline Sims (April 2014) - Didn't Hilary make a mistake and had her clone on camera at one location while she was on camera at another place or something to that affect?

Donald Marshall - yes, intentionally done... that was Hilary's attempt to force disclosure...illuminasty almost killed her for that.


Donald Marshall (October 2014)

Donald Marshall - I still can't understand why people didn't freak out about this demanding answers. It's not like it was magic or something. lol.


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - See below an bizarre, but not impossible, as the Illuminati do hold in their possession Bilocation Technologies..

Donald Marshall... not many talk about her being in 2 places at once much anymore... it was very obvious and video proven,.. it just kinda went away though... lol

Michael Taylor - She got into trouble for this didn't she ?

Donald Marshall - yeah they talked about killing her for it at cloning,... she was there crying saying it was an accident, But she did it intentional. Trying to get help... wants out of cloning,... but is still an evil scumbag.

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