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David Williams (October 2015) - Hey Donald I just want to ask another question. Have you met a rapper named Hopsin because I noticed his recent songs have much symbolism about Lucifer so I am curious about it. I will appreciated it if you answer back.

Donald Marshall - Yeah. He's been there.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - has he messed with you?

Donald Marshall - Yep. Made me help him with stupid songs. Pots n pans in the kitchen. I used to wake up early n bong pots n pans. Wake my parents.

Adair Dfwtf Sheppard - foreal? do u remember why?

Donald Marshall - Because I was bored n wanted to wake them up with noise. It worked


  1. AnonymousJuly 08, 2016

    Shocking and saddening to see Hopsin as a complete phony. But thank you for the information. But as shocking as this recent discovery was, I'm still willing to bare them, and reasons I say this is because I would like to know if you've seen rapper Joey Bada$$ and Capital Steez (R.I.P.,btw, his birthday was yesterday so I'm just paying my respects) at the cloning center, or just simply, to inform me and the rest of us eager-for-info people if they're in the illuminati, the heathen nest.

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2016

    Ill mind of Hopsin 7 basically denounces god and says that he was going to join anyways. In the song he talks directly to God saying that he doesn't believe in the bible because a human wrote it. Which is understandable but damn dude...he went completely 180

    1. That excuse by Hospin to join is friggin stupid. You don't have to be religious to know and believe in a Creator. Fuck Hospin. I used to like him for hating on Eazy's wife but these scumbags are all the same.


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