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How Do You Tell If Someone Is A Clone?

Question (October 2012) - what are the physical signs that someone is a clone? are red/yellow eyes one sign?

Donald Marshall - hard to tell... looks slightly different than last person in some way... sometimes they grow 20 of themselves and use the most similar ones, and scrap the other ones... they look different around the eyes jaw width length noticable... sometimes they get a really similar copy tho...clones have chips in them last I heard they needed them in the head, but I dont know if they even have to be in your head anymore, the chips... theyre always upgrading technology.... in last 10 years discovered how to clone with just blood... used to have to get tissue sample or cells from a pap smear which they said are rich in kinda cells needed and then something about a somatic cell transfer, but yeah... makes a duplicate.


Donald Marshall (July 2014) - just walk around talk look in the mirror in the concourse bathroom [at the cloning centers], see how close to your real face it looks, usually a slight difference in eye wrinkles or head width jaw shape and things like that.


Marcia Pavlis (June 2014) -  How can a clone tell that they are a clone, Donald?

Donald Marshall - it's hard to sometimes, and there are different kinds of clones. with rem clones you just look in the mirror or your fingernails or lick your teeth, they will be different. Small differences from normal you that you'd recognize.


  1. Can they clone you...then drone your clone....then kill the original you?

    1. I think so based on Donald Marshall's information.


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