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How To Become Aware At The Cloning Centers

Astral Light - for those of you that think you may be at the cloning centers when you go to sleep but are not aware when you're actually there, I have some suggestions to help you increase the chances of you becoming aware...

say Affirmations throughout the day, everyday. for example, say to yourself either mentally or verbally something like "I will always be aware while I'm at the cloning centers" or like "I will remain aware while I'm asleep".

you could also ask yourself throughout the day, everyday "am I at the cloning centers?" but don't answer the question, just act like you're seriously asking yourself that and you don't know the answer.

also, one can do what is called Reality Checks throughout the day, everyday. for example, press your hands up against a wall while having the intent for your hands to go through it and if it does go through, then you know you're at the cc's (because obviously one is not able to do that in real waking reality).

if you're at the cloning centers, you will most likely be surrounded by MK Ultra visuals/illusions and since those objects that seem to be solid aren't really there, one is able to go through them if one has the intent to go through them.

another example of a reality check would be...jump up (no matter where you're at) while having the intent to float in mid-air and if you succeed, then you know you're at the cloning centers (cc's).

see what you want to do is you want get yourself into the habit of doing such things as reality checks and questioning the reality that you are in, so you will automatically do them (randomly) while you are unaware at the cloning centers thus making you become aware.


  1. I don't believe you've been to any cc's. You wouldn't be able to put your hand through a wall there. CC's are real places in the physical realm, clones are physical bodies. It's not a dream...

  2. lol...I was referring to an illusion, not an actual physical wall there. Duh.

  3. Hmmm I always fly in dreams ... I control all my dreams and control everything in them ... I dream in very lucid state ? Nothing can kill me I do and have fallen till I remember I fly. But even when I smack the ground, I jump up laughing like ... Again Again lets do it again !!


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