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How-To Put Don's Videos On DVD's

we must spread Don's info in every way that we can, so how about putting his videos on DVD and giving them out?

if you don't know how to do this, then here's a link to an ISO file that has Don's original letter and the interview with Vinny Eastwood on it: 

click on the link and download the ISO file and save it to your computer. 

now go to the following site to download and install the free burning software called BurnAware Free:

place a blank DVD-R or DVD+R disc (you can find these blank discs in stores or on sites like eBay or Amazon for cheap) in your computer. open up the BurnAware Free software on your computer. next click on Burn Image and then click on Browse. find the Donald Marshall Exposed The Illuminati ISO file on your computer (wherever you saved it at) and click on it and then click on Open. finally click on Burn and wait until the burn is complete (approx. 10 minutes). 

this will produce a DVD that can be played/watched on TV and/or PC. repeat the steps in the paragraph above to keep making more DVD's.

I kind-of had a problem with finding a free DVD creator that works well, so I basically made the DVD (saved as an ISO file) myself instead lol. much easier...

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