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Nick Bootneck Jordan (Sat. March 16, 2013) - Hello mate ... can I ask mate, have you seen any British (except for the Queen, but she is fucking German anyway) film stars, politicians, business people etc at the cloning station...?..I'm trying to think of British actors who made it big over your neck of the woods.....that Doctor House geezer....I can't think of anymore....? Cheers Donald!

Donald Marshall - Many Brits many... House yes, can't wait to meet House in real body. I'm going to smash him... spice girls, many uk bands... government people rich people even actors from british soap operas go... its not just the one cloning center... there are many, I'm usually in an above ground one that seats 400-500 but other underground ones can seat way more, and as I've said there are many cloning centers in bases all around the world, different countries.

Nick Bootneck Jordan - So there is probably one here in the UK....probably somewhere like Scotland, remote and quiet....I read somewhere that all the castles over the world are built on top of entrances to the inner earth ..Edinburgh castle for example...

Donald Marshall - Bal Morel castle. there are several cloning centers in the UK. In underground military bases Lotsa the castles have secret entrances to the underground.

I could tell you House is a deranged pervert, that he rapes children at the cloning center, that he tortures people for sexual gratification and all kinds of stuff, you could then send this quote to the actor guy House... He would erase the message he would ignore you block you if possible, and I would not be charged by law. Know why? Because it's true, and he doesnt want to go to court and be the one to open the can of worms.

none of them do. all cowards.

Nick Bootneck Jordan - Yeah mate....I understand the can of worms....I suppose the same goes for David Icke calling the Royals (even though they are not royal) being child killers etc also....if they defend it, it goes public, cats out the bag.....I get what your saying....fucking ell....I always had my suspicion of the House guy....Lawrie,,,hugh lawrie...thats his name...he looks fucking dodgy....

Donald Marshall - oh he's dodgy.

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