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Hugo Chavez

Donald Marshall (March 2013) - President Hugo Chavez, just died, I liked him because the Illuminati didn't like him, He wouldn't go along with them on anything, refused to attend the cloning centers and hang with them, and refused to sell out his country for personal gain,... they were talking about killing him several times at the cloning center. Anyone the Illuminati doesn't like is pretty much a friend of mine. R.I.P President Chavez.

had to add the second pic, lol it looks like the opposite of the llluminati cover one eye thing.


Donald Marshall (February 2014) - I was told at the time that Hugo Chavez's cancer was caused by this. The kiss of death.

Barack as a clone supposedly had cancer causing powder on his lips... at least that's what they were saying at the time there... it was years ago...

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  1. Wow - cancer causing powder,whoa. Another one bitten by the dust?I don't like having my eyes's messed uP -


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