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Human Clones At The Cloning Centers

Donald Marshall - the Clones are kept on stainless stell racks under the place, people are dropping all night there their real bodies waking up...they slump in the seats and they get hauled out and put on the rack, someone thats in rem there takes their place, while in storage they like breath real shallow and the handlers put a tube down theyre throat with some liquid food of somekind, like a milkshake and it just lays there, when your greed light comes on they pull the tube out n press a button and you open your eyes, slight disorientation but then just clear as a bell,... just walk around talk look in the mirror in the concourse bathroom, see how close to your real face it looks, usually a slight difference in eye wrinkles or head width jaw shapeand things like that. Neurologists are the ones most used for the technology, and Russians are the ones that made the first clones Mark one clones, called an organic robotiod, which I thought was a stupid name because there are no robot parts in it. Primitive not even used now,... next is mark 2 rem driven only which I am usually,... theres 4 kinds, I'll be explaining more but only know basics of mark 3 and 4 clones, but will tell what I know.

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