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Human Clones

"Clones are used to replace humans for varying reasons all the time. Most of the reasons have to do with secret intelligence operations or experimentation gone wrong (sacrifice of the victim). When the MK Ultra "Manchurian candidate" agent is either proven to be divergent and become a threat or simply dies in a mission, the agent is replaced by his/her clone without arousing the suspicion of even the closest friends and family of the asset.

In fact, in the majority of cases the agent himself has no idea he has been killed and replaced by a clone. He has no memory of the event which took his life, his recognition of himself as an agent, or memory of the missions in the past that he was involved in, if his handlers want him to forget. In general, the loss of the memory protects the psychology of the agent and the functionality of their asset continues and preserves the secret even from himself. Remember, the programmers and experimenters invest a lot of money in each candidate who shows a capacity for high performance or who has rare or particular skill sets.

It is all too often in the civilized and Islamic worlds, where the intelligence communities rage war with one another, that these replacements are kept under tight security even for generations. Clones can reproduce and have completely new human children with another human and so, the child is said to be a part clone etc. Men like George Bush Jr. can relate to this type of heritage and he would only be the most recent man and the history of such a potential may be older than the Mesopotamian texts which inspired today's Bible.

"When Good Clones Go Bad", is not a joke, it is a fear the experimenters have and it fuels their paranoia of exposure, so they prefer to kill and replace or simply use torture, drugs, technology and hypnosis to erase whatever memories the clone or the MK victim (if original human body is still being used) has that they wish them not to perceive.

In this way, a human MK victim is treated like a human computer running various platforms and soft ware within their compartmentalized personalities and the handler is like the operator who sits at the computer touching the keys and knowing the passwords needed to make the programs run. These victims are abused and handled all their life starting a young age in order to prep their mind to disassociate to remain programmable and pliable (reprogrammable, without too much damage showing through). Victims who fight their programming and try to complain about the abuse, or who are over used and begin to show signs of personality and programming malfunction are labeled with mental illness and shunned by others or reprogrammed.

When victims have been through too much (even the best robots have a breaking point), the programmers may sacrifice them and replace them with a clone so that a complete "reset" is possible in the psychology of the victim and a form of technological or good old fashioned (depending on the intel cult) occult methods to perform a black magic shamanic ritual akin to necromancy in order to transfer the portions of the soul (memories, alters, files) they prefer to have in the new body.

They may leave the "old files" or their "dirty laundry" in the old body, which may be burned or in some other terrible way destroyed or tormented with a portion of consciousness attached to the vessel which cannot completely die due to the fact the soul is alive in the new body. They use this situation and the law of resonance to maintain control of the new vessel although another new soul is also now in the new cloned body. The pain of the experience ensures the soul fragmentation and continued disassociation of the victim who is then either download or else resurrected into the clone. Now here is an interesting bit....

When you are transferred into a clone your old files and personalities and programs are literally transferred atop the DNA of the new clone so that certain files and content can be edited out. Literally, they have created a duplicate you, with a whole new soul as ambitious as when you were first born and then trap it and download the tortured, dead, abused you on top of it. That is how it feels at least to go through it.

Then, they label you an experiment and treat you as if you are less than a human from then on out at top Secret levels and your handlers are given additional leeway to abuse you and those surrounding you to ever increasing liberties in the name of securing the secrecy of the project. Let me remind you, the victim is not only human from birth, has been through the worst torture and experimentation right under the nose of people around them and the NSA and other agencies are sworn to protect this secret to the point of chloroforming and hypnotizing, abducting or using technology to alter the perceptions of others around the victims, friends, family and co-workers if necessary.

The worst part is that this tech is ultimately being used for sex and blackmail purposes of the criminal industrial elite and haven nothing to do with actual security issues in many cases when it is being used. The people who are trapped in these hell like experiments are held right under our noses, like Brittney Spears and Amanda Bynes. The evidence is all there, but, they have no where to go for help and the masses are hypnotized by the same people literally pulling the performer's strings.

Even the clones deserve to be set free and to be allowed access to real dental, medical and therapeutic, natural medicinal, emotional and spiritual care. It is wrong to kill a person and perform crimes against their spirit, soul and body and then scapegoat and control them in a synthetically extended lifetime so that greedy rich people who own them may continue using them as a pawn in a game to make money or syphoning them for their organic human creativity. This is a crime against humanity, consciousness and our Creator, however, you perceive her."

- Civil Rights for Cloned Intelligences

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  1. Each person is ORIGINAL, created and empowered by God to have the potential of becoming one of his children. If you trifle with that plan, you are getting in the way of The Creator's Will. Cloning is not only an INSULT to the original host but more of an ultimate blow to God. Scientists are experimenting with the DNA manipulation uncontrollably. Where is decency and the code of ethics? No wonder the CLONE is SOULLESS and thus has no God-connection. He or she can never enter the Kingdom of God because the clone has no moral integrity whatsoever.


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