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Human Fear of Vril

Donald Marshall (2012) - humans have an automatic instinctual fear of them.... just like looking at spiders and scorpions... humans somehow instinctively fear stuff like that. And with Vrill its times two... and they look so evil ugly... its incredible.... you'll understand what I mean when they're bein hunted :) Theyll be on tv- ive seen this reaction when Vrill are exposed to the highest level scientologists that pay for the highest level of knowledge, even when they regret becoming a scientologist at this point they know they must follow or they will die... possibly eaten by aliens potentially through cloning over and over... its a trap... to make you unquestionably loyal.... 

Britney Spears can't even look at them when shes a clone lmao... flips... its like the instinctual fear when humans look at a big spider or scorpion, you know somehow that thing can possibly kill you... but its like double spider scorpion at the same time... they eat people.. animals... total carnivores... can eat some fruit but veggies make em sick... they get tired of eating clones its not as good to them.... and they like it when humans scream n then don't scream anymore

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