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Iceland President Olafur Grimsson

Donald Marshall - Let me tell you about Iceland's leader... He wasn't illuminati before... He is now, doesn't want to be

Iceland ousted the corrupt leader and banksters... Then months later Olaf whatever is activated in the fresh new clone they made of him... They say your with us now if you don't do as we say we will have alien lizards eat you your children your grandchildren over and over clone by clone. Even after death.

Iceland leadership is down with the illuminati agenda... Olaf has no choice. The illuminati show them videos of Chris Beniot's torture and lizards eating kids that's usually enough to silence anyone.

They have many methods of ensuring absolute loyalty,...

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  1. Fuck. I was rooting for Iceland. Now they're controlled again? I hope the word doesn't get out because people will automatically assume they can't do anything if the Illuminati are this controlling.


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