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ILLUMICORP - Illuminati Secret Training Video Reveiled:

Donald Marshall - Yes this IS theyre overall plan, and they wanted me to play Jesus in the plot,... involving the zombie virus and decimation of arab and african countries in a depopulation effort. People disregard this video as false but it is the entire plan in a nutshell.

he is an actor but it is far from fake, they allowed this to be released to the public, assuming they couldnt do anything about it anyway and they love to throw the truth into the worlds face, makes them feel ultra powerful,... they get a rush from that. They do it all the time too, in movies n music videos, even allowed me to put lines in songs that hint at cloning and evil they do,... they never thought they'd ever be brought down,... they were wrong.

they were even so embarrassed of the name Illuminati that some tried to change it and call it "Illumicorp" (illumicore) because the word Illuminati sounds a little gay they said lol. theyre whacked.

I watched it at cloning, said all I know about it in the forum. its reverse reverse psychology. it got censored from facebook, check out my latest status. some get this when sharing the Illumicorp video on facebook.

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