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Illuminati Card Game

Donald Marshall - these are the "sometimes come true" cards... guy that made the game knows all about me cloning vrill and illuminati plans...

The cards are a joke. It's like half a warning and half a stick it in your face thing... Like a look how powerful we are. You can't do nothing lol. It's nerdy like that. Very nerdy loser in that perception.

Its funny to them... it gives them a sense of power to throw it in the worlds face... they do it so much... let me put hinting lyrics in songs all the time... they overdid the hinting and symbolism... Vrill allowed it as a joke and an example of power. Actual humans there allowed it as a possible way to warn the world without being killed.

the guy that made them sits at the cloning center all the time, knows the long range agenda and plans and sub plans the illuminati have in store for the world,... Lol some people think he's a fortune teller or something,... He's just a scumbag,... Throwing it in the worlds face,... They love doing that, makes em feel powerful


  1. why is this site not blocked?! u say they cant kill him. but why isnt this site attacked?

    1. I don't know. They are using him to expose this stuff (because they're cowards) but they don't like that he mentioned the gold thing, groundhog day tech, the soulstone microchip and chipheads.


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