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Illuminati Card - Interesting Times

Donald Marshall - Illuminati playing card game. notice the I (heart) NWO on the gold triangle on the bug. lol. representation of me underground in Vrill territory... hell basically.. because Zuckerman and the rest want me to succeed... they hate vrill and drones too... these are the "sometimes come true" cards... guy that made the game knows all about me cloning vrill and illuminati plans... THIS card had better NOT come true...

The cards are a joke. It's like half a warning and half a stick it in your face thing... Like a look how powerful we are. You can't do nothing lol. It's nerdy like that. Very nerdy loser in that perception. There's one card in that deck... The most important one. The one I'm on.

This mystery man is me, and I'm trying to inform the world about subterranean aliens before its too late. Notice on the giant mantis has a gold triangle pin that says "I >3 NWO. Look close. Card name is interesting times.

It is not too late. But the world must be informed. After a depopulation thing happens, WE will be outnumbered.

the [card] sayin um help guys there's aliens. And ? Who am I??? 

And again I say help.

If I die humans are fucked btw ... Because then NO ONE at cloning is going to talk for fear of death and then eternal torture as clones...

I know you all know this ... Those that have kept up...


  1. I believe in you Donald. I'm in the medical field (nurse) and I know cloning could happen.

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  3. I think is a Java symbology in the mantis triangle, I think is a Mantis Game, they playing their game and I'm playing mine, let's see who win, I'm not afraid of die, but my kids need protection and I'm not giving up my self so easily.

  4. I totally agree with you Donald and there is some groups to tell us
    stop your mind or do something before too late but they are not telling us why and what is really going on this planer earth right now, right here. When we are giving abstract or un-clear incomplete messages like we have to guess what it is, there is no wake up call. You are the only one doing this. thank you for all of this.


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