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Illuminati & Hinting

Celine O'carroll (December 2012) - I always though it was part of the illuminati religious belief system or something to put their intentions into movies etc.....I never understood why though....I know many say its to see if people react strongly and then if they dont that they see it as a mandate to go ahead....but I never really bought that....cos who is going to rise up after seeing something in a fictional movie after all?......makes more sense that they are genuinely trying to warn us in a roundabout way....would you say this is correct?

Donald Marshall - well theres a few different rreasons for it, 1, the warnings of actual good people that want out, 2. trying to gauge public opinion on a particular plan before implimenting the plan. 3. Parasited human hosts of Vrill lizards and hardcore Lucifarians throwing it in the worlds face to make themselves feel powerful.

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