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Illuminati Prisoners

Donald Marshall (Sat. June 8, 2013) - Just about all of the Illuminati members that are human are prisoners, locked in a secret they dare not speak of. They want the help of the populace. Even Elizabeth and Vladamir are prisoners... they play it off like they're the head honcho's but they're just prisoners placated by loaned authority and reward.

Pete Svzvki - Uh oh, youre defending Elizabeth and Vladamir... is this the REAL Donald? 

Donald Marshall - still real Donald. They are full of lizard fear. They've both been traumatized since childhood and go along with the agenda through fear. All real humans there are psychologically traumatized into absolute loyalty. They saw no hope. I am the hope. Aliens won't kill me.

Jeannie Meyer - Trauma does not make loyal to tyranny...weakness does.

Donald Marshall - no, in the face of unlimited torture by aliens, everyone breaks. People don't even have to get hurt to follow unquestioningly, they just watch video of people they have megadeathed before and that is enough.... I'll explain

In the face of 1 death SOME people may be valiant, self sacrificing and hero like... but when they can bring you back to life and skin you slowly again, mess with your guts, kill you once twice three times... 53 times, it is not possible to persevere through that. Not anyone, not the toughest man in the world.

ten thousand deaths by twisted aliens? With no hope of rescue or escape is quite a deterrent from talking... inspires ultimate loyalty through fear.

Jeannie Meyer - I was raised in a world that worshipped the brutal torture and death of a man...I'm not broken. I have been tortured mentally and physically...I still fight back. I have watched loved ones being slowly murdered...and I won't give in.

Donald Marshall - me neither. But if they caused you to have an aneurysm, then re-animated you as a clone, they would then torture you to death as a clone. then they would do it again, and again, and again. depending on how bad they hated you, after 2 or 3 deaths you would then become a delirious tortured slave. You would follow their every command eventually I assure you...

that resisting torture thing they do in spy movies is just for the movies... no one can endure harsh physical torture... everyone breaks, everyone talks... Remember that old Nazi saying? "Vee haff vay's of making you talk? They do.

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