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Illuminati Secrets

Donald Marshall (Sat. December 15, 2012) - Kinda cool how theyre not callin lawsuits on me for slander or nothin, like LMAO this guy jason someethin has made it his lifes mission to denounce me in any way possible hahahah mailing government n tellin em im denouncing them n stuff, I just call that good advertising.

Because... If I get arrested for anything it's gonna be clone this clone that and this happened n that happened and none of them want to be the ones to open the can of worms lol know what I mean?

And theres soooo many people in it,... Because they thought it was foolproof means of secrecy,lol and since they thought I would have absolutely NO hope of ever convincing the public in a cohesive rational way the various unbelievable technologies they have and not sound like a crazy person lol.

And after making so many songs and all top tens and many many, a bunch of them thought through great difficulty on my part that I was loyal,... but I was only biding my time and accumulating information and how certain techs worked, and they did try to trick me with some bs tech, but im curious george so I had to have stuff proven to me before I'd believe it lol...

I've already crushed em though just with accurate cloning info and... The 3 types of Vrill lizards and their physiology and weaknesses n strengths, hahahah. I'm hoping to someday end freemasonry, topple the twin towers, and least everyone knows what they do now and how they do it,.... They got some last ditch plan but theyre not tellin me...

They srriously wanted me to play Jesus and get as many people underground as possible,... The more I get to go the more benefit to me, slaves n all lol IMAGINE ,... That would most certainly make me a rotten bastard lol even under torture, I could neeever do that, but I faked n said that I would to gain more intel, ...this was years ago... But I could never do that, DO NOT go underground for anything, , better to have a meteor hit you , seriously.

I don't know how many drones there the world, but theres a lot. In high places. 

They arrre very angry, but hey, I'm not dead haha blah feel bad tho they were way mean on 3 clones of me... Elizabeth herself, and harsh, past normal pain threshhold, ... They can do that... See they COOULD kill me easily in one night of doing this, but they somehow have my real body vital signs lol and when my hearts going too whacked in my sleep then someone sez hes gonna pop or something and they back off or stop hacking me... Its pretty whacked,... Other people have hung themselves or jumped off bridges or shot themselves at this treatment, lol BUT you see I have such a seething hatred of the gloating prime evils of the place, and I think I hate Vrill lizards more than anyone in the world cuzza how they bit the shit outtas my clones of me so many times,... I if destroyed physically OR mentally still take them with me hahahaha. Funny thing, sec. Special shoutout to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles (the rapscallion). HA I WIN. See to the bystander they wouldnt fully understand that, but these inbred people would sword me up or pre drug the clone and straight beat me UP,... Then when I'm lying bloody on the floor they stand over me and say we've defeated you Dun your defeated,... Like SOO many times ,... I'm talking that kinda nerdiness, or chained to cross or table... I WIN THO... Cuz like, all their seedy secrets are revealed now. lol. 

So really we were talking out there and it came down to that EVEN in the event of my death they will stull be forced to dismantle eventually as the information is only spreading hahahahhaha. Funny thing was, they actual Vrill lizards,... They thought it was all fun and games but failed to realize that they are forever exposed in detail and in text forever hahahahahah. And let me tell you, the srealization was terrible lol they went off on me buuuut I'm pretty sure now I have ensured thast be it a month or a year from now pewople gonna be killin vrull lizards and aint gonna be no more lizards,,,They will try to act nice, you wont fall for this, they are as mean as they are ugly,... Or and super pretty space girls superclones,... Nice faces, designer clones they call them, dont go on any saucer rides with them cuz theyre bringin you to the ugly ones lol they are not nice... There are NO nice aliens... theyre parasitic in nature and that is what a parasitic thing is, it tries to infiltrate and take over,... I studied the psychology of these ugly things, face to clone face, lol you neeever get used to the sight of them, but yeah I'm very familiar with them,... Like fought them,... They always win, theyre poisonous. Yeah so Vrillz r pretty mad now, bit me all up, I took out a couple eyes blah blah, I'm not even gonna describe vrill fights cuz some will think im shown off lyin,... I always lose anyway lol. But 33rd degree of freemason knowledge is no more . And the highest scientology BS. That'll usually run ya several thousand you guys, like lots, I saved you so much time and trouble... Lol. Queenie reads this btw guyz, lol Tila too, BUNCH of people,... Watchin it like a soap opera , seriously, they putthe facebook screen on bigscreen and hae interrogated me while im naked in the middle of the arena lol whyd you say this whyd you say that lol. I still win tho . Hero, save people all that.. Topple evil empire builtupon centuries lol. 

It was difficult... Gettin info out with them usingthe proton collider setback groundhog day thing, i didnt even mention it, thought it would be too unbelievable,... Sojust did it again and again, but can only do it 8-9 times lol. Told me at first they could just continually do it when I was originally messaging the middle east a lot... Cuz they hate muslims so figured theyd be not illuminatti lol,then when too many knew to be clonedblasted on facebok. Didnt include vrill info at first either, cuz clonig stuffwas hard enough tp understand... They really didnt want me to tell about Vrill lizards though.. Too late . I'm like auto-hero now huh? And all the wicked songs, um superhero saviour already really . When ya really think of it,... They might destroy the surface tho,... So I dunno lol they reeeaally dont want to get caught. Droned host humans dont want to be killed aaand dead consciousness chipheads don't want tobe shut down... I kinda demanded both those options as it woild be popular opinion,... This is whats goin on there now... Even asked me if people would agree to quaranteen them to an island lol and it gets better,.... The drones and the undead chipheads dont want to live on the same island. Vrillz were very angry when they realized it was in text forever lol see , humans had realized like a mont before this happened a while back,.... They went offfff.... But yeah I'll make cartoons of it in the future of it lol pretty crazy stuff... Elizabeth n vladamir n them jusdt sendin em at me,... Big ones too strong, they get ahold of you its over,... And smaller type ones gang you and theres too many, they crawl over each other just to get at you, swarm ya,... Sux. This is yet another reason no one talks.


  1. Replies
    1. Come on people they kill them bastards.

    2. I meant let's kill them bastards.

    3. Where do you sign up to stomp Vril?

  2. Hundreds of thousands of HUMANS ARE FINDING OUT BY THE HOUR !. .Computers auto programmed to keep sending . Don u have help out here . N i wanna give a quick shout out to my cousin ray ray .lol .

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2016

    Damn so even tho we know they exist we cant do anything about it! We are fucked !


    What do you think about this?


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