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Donald Marshall (July 2012) - they made this movie [Avatar]....Inception too.....many....trying to give a veiled warning to the world for when I filled in the blanks.


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - Inception is about rem cloning and mk ultra visual audio effects... most actors in that movie know about cloning too and attend.


Donald Marshall (Wed. May 1, 2013) - they tried the flying thing with me,... it's all like inception the movie... looks realer than real. it is all illusion only you can see,... even if you crash into something your own brain tricks yourself that there is a solid object there and you'll feel pain but its not real pain its imagined pain,... hard to explain but thats it in a nutshell... they don't do that stuff to me, I know the difference now... I know all about mk visuals and audio.


Donald Marshall (December 2012) - They make people see hologram like images as clones... Using mk ultra visual effects, same as inception movie basically... Most of the time the people think theyre just dreaming or think they were original body when they saw it, didnt even know they were clones,... they play a lot of tricks on peoples minds... They tell some people that the cloning center is the astral plane, 5th dimension Nirvana plane Shang ri la, lotsa different stuff, a lot dont even know theyre IN a clone, they think theyre in another dimension and in real body... Or time stutter or singularity lol, they tell different people different stuff.

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