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Introduce Amon Ra as God

Fredrik Beckman (Thur. August 28, 2014) - so has Amon always been hiding underground? Doesnt feel very godlike 2 me.

Dolly Valentine - The Jews said "no graven images in my likeness shall be made".. (translation from original language written in) maybe that was because it was hiding the fact it looked like an alien or a bird or a fish or some other headed creature but human faces were a creation and not evolved from any other living thing. Like those seem to be evolved from something.. show me some being that either swims or is on all fours that resembles a human enough for us to have evolved from.. not the ape seriously we do not have faces like that.

Donald Marshall - It liked the organization of Rome better.

Fredrik Beckman - So it want u to introduce it to the world as God?

Donald Marshall - Yes. It's not though... It's just an undead alien. They use consciousness chips. Had them a long time. It's what the thing is he's holding up in this next pic.

It's an enlarged representation of the Appleseed shaped consciousness chip that they put in people's heads.

Barbara Ives - Nobody is going to worship a bird FFS. Hiding underground and in cloning centres killing and torturing people who can't defend themselves, how pathetic. Just send him out to the bush and we will shoot him full of holes. That's about all the "worship" him and the others deserve.

Donald Marshall - It knows that. Lol. Situation comical.


  1. Well I think when the times comes Amon Ra will use your body once he knows he's been exposed and carry out Gods will and then the end will come.

    It's more than obvious Don.

  2. Remember, God knows the beginning FROM THE END. Regardless if you believe in him or not.

    That's irrelevant.


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