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Iron Maiden: Powerslave

Donald Marshall- :) Look closely at this album cover. Iron Maiden "Powerslave" this was made when they thought I was supremely loyal to them due to fear and greed. :) so whoz big ugly in the middle? dead chiphead or a vrill. one er the other. powerslave lol

This is the album cover to Iron Maiden "Powerslave" I posted this before, the Pharoes are Barack Obama and me... Have you ever seen a white Pharoah?... I was kinda honorary Pharoah back then when they thought I was loyal... Um help.

A pyramid is half of a cube. but you can't see what is under it.

Darnell Pimpydee - That's a messed up album cover

Donald Marshall - No it's just how I wanted them to make it 

Just so you all know, I don't think I'm a God or a demi-God or anything, it says that in the Iron Maiden Powerslave song but they're singing about Pharoes had to say cuz in the song, guy's singing ah don't wanna die I'm a gawd and blah blah blah blaaaah lol

Can tell you, they are definitely an Illuminati band, because as a kid I made a lot of songs for them. They're friends with Elizabeth, or their parents are, ony ever met lead singer and one other band member, but made many for em, or else.

hints in most of those songs... The ones I made, I sang them directly to Elizabeth, just Hockeyboards in between us.

for a while she'd said whenever I made a song I was to sing just to her. that way she horned in on the spotlight pretty much, she made a couple songs before too.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2016

    Iron maiden just suck ass. Boring simple and repetitive bullshit a beginner could play. Know they're illuminati. Know steve harris sucked dick to get where he's at today. Couldn't even stay married which shows how weak minded he is. BTW they're pedophilles too. I'd shit in his face and make him eat it too. Can't wait till they're all dead so they can meet their buddy exterminates awaiting them at the bottom of the pit. The Lord will rebuke them all. Mustaine included.


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