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Jewish Tradition

Donald Marshall (Tue. March 18, 2014) - jews... they molest their children from birth as a religious secret devotion. many jewie families donate a child to be droned by a vrill. they call vrill the sons of yahweh and yahweh is a big stinky vrill. undead vrill too. I hate nazi stuff it is idiocy but let me tell you,... JEW... followed by [chinese] n russian arabs they are all united and gonna crush america in a decades old plan I've tried to tell you all this insidious plan. you like my post. I have to assume people think my page here is satire or that I am a mental retard. unfortunately the shit is all true you have alien bodysnatchers in your government us military and police force... china russia and arab nations have been parasiting americans... they plan to crush you.. now well. NOW...I've told you with absolute certainty that thete are alien bodysnatchers the American nation is in dire peril.

it's a jewie tradition for 5000 years to suck on the children...teach them about sex at 4 years old... tradition. and we have to have a vrill parasite one kids brain in the family... it's a fuckin tradition. to help bodysnatching aliens. cuz like we just always did, why stop now? those Romans knocked down your... temple. lot less droning and child sacrifice after that huh? ya don't talk about that much do ya though. ashamed...

DO NOT be fooled with that "good jew/ evil Zionist shit... they are one and the same and it is classic good cop bad cop. it's so bad... I'm not exaggerating. They are incredibly evil with a smile. nazi's are JUST as bad. people think it's a nasty rumor that they eat children... they DO!!! the idiots think it gives them holy power, something to do with some God Cronus eating kids... jews would steal children sexually torture them kill them and eat their flesh, then blame it on whatever roaming band of gypsies were in the area. 

I'm a... jew myself so I figure I can say that because its the truth.


  1. Yes. Jews being kicked out of every country they've been is...this is the reason. There are MANY videos surfacing about this as well.

    Blood Libel

    Thank you Astral for making this website. Truth conquers all.
    Donald Marshall; thank you. I pray for you every day and I say that in a very sad way because of what you have been through. WE must get the truth out.

  2. Is Donald Marshall Jewish by religion? What is scary to ponder is that the Jews are waiting for their messiah which is the antichrist who will be a Jew and they will recognize him via their prophesy saying he will defeat the enemies of the world etc etc and then they will worship him. In Christianity; he will kill those who believe in Jesus and persecute them. He's made comments saying: " Leave me out of your Sunday school sermons." So......are we helping the antichrist unknowingly now? I care about the children but he's also rocking the same CIA symbol........

  3. We are living in scary times.

  4. Last but not least Donald Marshall said that he would never claim to be the Messiah but this also fits prophecy as well since in scripture it says this instead:2 Thessalonians 2:4

    “Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

    Scripture never states he says he is but instead is shown not spoken.


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