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Donald Marshall - Question... Who Killed JFK? the wife.

Rino Èmil Moskvil -

JFK was murdered by his wife - Jacqueline The Jesuit Assassin

Donald Marshall - I haven't scrutinized the video, they all told me about this when I was a kid at cloning in the 80's Whole car was in on it.

Pete Svzvki - Watching it but not buying it...too visible, too many cameras around to have her do it... other people were shot in the car too

Donald Marshall - I don't know much about it, never heard of anyone else hit in the car, Just relating what they said before... they were telling me about this as if to brag to me,... a how they can just do anything,... always bragging at their evil exploits to me when I was younger.

His wife belonged to a powerful Illuminati family. Jewish.

Pete Svzvki - I believe it all but i dont think she shot him...

Donald Marshall - I don't know for certain, but that's what they said in the past.

Not if she was a host and JFK was about to expose cloning and hosts... she would just be trying to secure her safety then.

He was about to expose Cloning, vrill, hosts and the Zionists that help Vrill.

yeah his zionist wife blew him away. She might be a vrill host.

He was bout to spill the beans.

Whole car was in on it, JFK was surrounded by hosts... was going to expose hosts and cloning. The hit in the neck was from the dashboard and his wife fired the killshot.

Pete Svzvki - Yeah John Connally was shot too

Donald Marshall - Who's that Pete?

Pete Svzvki - John Connolly was in the car w/ JFK

Donald Marshall - Gotta think of everything though,...Connolly could have been a clone at the time... they allow themselves to be shot to look innocent sometimes... Look at James Casbolt, he "ok'd" them shooting him in the skull lol...

JFK and Marilyn met at the cloning center...they definetely killed him. Marilyn [Marilyn was told to off herself or be clone tortured and eaten by Vrill] and his brother too...

If JFK had the internet, Vrill and drones and the Illuminati would have been over with a long time ago,... he waited too long trying to think of a way to break it to the public.

Andy James - Jfk wanted the truth out there thats why he was assasinated

Donald Marshall - Secret of Vrill... and cloning stuff...


  1. Just know we trying bro . TY FOR NOT LEAVING EASTERN US Don! . We workin out here trying . If u see this Don ..Ur work/sacrifice isnt in vain

    1. He's from Eastern Canada, not the US.

    2. He said he was in Florida to stop them from their plan for ruining the east coast of USA

    3. Donald Marshall - if I do go back I think an asteroid will hit the eastern seaboard.... so ill stay. I'm messing up their plans just by being in the US the illuminati want me to go back to Canada nowwww

      I just randomly happened to find this give mins after I responded to you

    4. Five *

  2. This is true. Jackie had a gun hidden in the roses sitting by her side. Watch the fatal blast..from her left hand.Sad.

    1. AnonymousMay 11, 2016

      People argue to death that it was that oswalt "the fall guy ) guy . You are right . Some ppl cant fathom its our own Gov and above .

  3. Donald, have you seen the 2016 movie called Criminal? Dead chip consciousness downloaded from Ryan Reynolds to a brain damaged prisoner. #predictiveprogramming to get the sheeple used to this type of science. Made it all warm and fuzzy at the end too. Ugh smh


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